Jan 19, 2012

Home from Haiti.......and a giveaway!

Here it is Friday and I feel like I am just now getting readjusted to life at home! Boy, is it hard to leave that little boy behind. I miss him so much but was so ready to get home to my hubby and kids. There was just something "off" about being in Haiti without Marc!
I will try to write soon about my thoughts and prayer times I had while there. This was a great trip with lots of life long friends made but also a very difficult trip as Vensly wasn't the easiest baby to deal with. He loved me and enjoyed being with me but the truth is he was off his schedule and the only place he's ever known and was suddenly with a white women claiming to be his mom. Very unnatural situation! Needless to say, I didn't get to spend much time at all in the creche and with the other children so I didn't get many pictures this time. So sorry to my adoptive mom friends!
BUT...I did get lots of hugs, laughs and kisses while there! I am counting down the days until he gets home and I really don't think it will be long! We are in MOI and that means passports and visa are soon!

Another note, I was contacted by an online scrap booking company that want me to do a giveaway on my blog to help promote their company so as soon as I receive my package and the one to giveaway I will announce it! SO keep checking back soon!!!

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