Dec 12, 2011

"She's So Graceful"

That is something that no one will ever be able to say about me! In the last four years of so I have managed to fall a few times including when we were at a car dealership and ended up in the ER. Fast forward to last weekend and I feel down about four of my mom's stair and my whole bottom part of my leg is black and blue. NOW...Saturday Marc and I had the best day shopping and eating at LaMadeline and we were walking out of the mall to head to Toy's R Us and next thing I know I am superman'ing it to the ground! OUCH! I could barely walk to the truck! Well yesterday I finally went to urgent care just to have it checked out and what do you know? I broke my ankle! UGH! Only me! And at Christmas! But on the bright side it could be least it's just a small break and nothing more serious!

I have had bloggers block lately so maybe all this time I will be spending on the couch will help me think of something to share with you guys!

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