Dec 30, 2011

Happy Gotcha Day Jesse and a Sweet Noah story.....

Six years ago tonight I was sitting in a hotel in Los Angeles in a big comfy bed in a beautiful hotel room on Beverly Blvd staring at a sweet baby boy that was sleeping soundly after a long flight home from Korea! That day we met our third son, Jesse Min! Happy 6th Gotcha Day Baby!!!! We love you like crazy!


Last night we decided it was time for us to read Noah some of his adoption paperwork about his birthparents. He was excited to hear about them and even though he smiled the whole time there were a few times his eyes teared up. He is the sweetest, most sensitive little boy and I love that about him! Actually, his paperwork described his birthmother as being sensitive and somewhat reserved, which is how Noah is. He was excited that she has an oval face like him! He was also happy to hear that his birthfather was dark complected like Noah and of a "healthy build"....just like my boy! He really liked the fact that his birthmother loves to cook! They share a passion for good food!
The whole time he is listening to Marc read he repeatedly tell me "I love you Mom" as to reassure me! Bless his heart! I love that boy so much!

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