Nov 8, 2011

November 8th....Thankful for......

My sweet, unexpected, miracle baby girl EMILY!
I can still remember the day I found out I was pregnant and the mixed feelings I had and the shock in my husband's voice as I told him but fast forward to today....I CAN'T IMAGINE LIFE WITHOUT HER!
I am so thankful for God's unexpected gift and for her sweet face everyday! I am thankful for her belly laughs and her big wet sloppy kisses. I am thankful for the smell of baby soap and footed jammies! I am thankful for her love for her big brothers and the way she screams when her Daddy walks in the door! I am thankful for her telling anyone that talks or looks at me "My mommy!" I am thankful for when I tell her "I love you" she says "love to momma!"

I am so thankful God gave me my little girl!

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