Nov 20, 2011

November 20th.....Thankful for.....

The Bernards.....

Dr. Bernard and his beautiful wife Claudette own the Creche...the orphanage where Vensly is staying until he comes home to us! Marc and I have gotten to spend time with these two precious people and I am thankful that they will be part of our lives and Vensly's forever! They will always be his grandparents in Haiti....I want him to always know where he was from and the two people that worked so hard to take good care of him and his friends! I am thankful that in the summer he takes time out of his crazy busy schedule and SWIMS with the kids....that just makes their day!!!

Dr. Bernard works so hard for all the children in the creche and truely loves them and wants the best for them!
I am thankful that of all orphanages for Vensly to end up in he ended up there!

I am thankful that I am going to get to see Poppy and Mrs.Claudette again SOON!!!!

This is me and Dr. B with V and our HUGE dossier....that is everything they need to proceed with the adoption! Everything you ever wanted to know about us and some you may not want to know is in there! WOW!!

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