Nov 15, 2011

November 15th......Thankful for.....

Friends that are like family! Some friends just come in your life for a season and some become more like family! I am thankful that no matter where they live or we live we are still as close as when we were neighbors! I am thankful for the many laughs we have had together. I am thankful for the best vacation EVER that we had with them and thankful for the future memories I know we will share!

We need an updated picture....our kids all look like babies! (Kim and I once told someone that asked about our kids that we had 6 between the two of us but only two pregnancies....figure that out! That was before Emily and Vensly! WOW!!)

The Estes and Coker family!!!

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Christy said...

Y'all are all precious! Can't wait to see the updated photo!