Nov 29, 2011

Noah's Future?

After writing yesterday's post it reminded me of a day about 5 years ago when we visited Marc's parents church. They go to a wonderful church and have wonderful pastors. Callie is one of them and she helped me through one of the hardest times of my life. She has prayed for our family numerous times! This was during the time that Marc and I were having some serious marital issues and were not in church at all. Not sure if you remember me telling you all that Noah is the one that one day said "Since we don't go to church I am going to start going with Mamaw and Papaw!" WOW....he was 5!

This was a summary of that morning! I know this is long but please read it all....pretty neat!
This is also the church that Leeland comes from. They are a Christian band that has risen to the top and are very successful!

(written from Mamaw's memory....)
‘Noah to Papaw – “Papaw, I miss God”
Papaw to Noah - “Noah, do you want to pray with Ms. Callie?”
Noah then tells Papaw he wants to pray with Ms. Callie and after getting permission from Marc & Lesley, he takes him to Callie and tells her Noah’s remark about missing God.
The following is part of a prayer and prophetic word she has for Noah. Callie first anoints Noah with oil (a symbol of the Holy Spirit) and prays over him and for him for a few moments, then begins to prophesy the following: ‘Noah, what you are feeling is the call of God on your life. It’s the voice of God that you hear. You are a mighty man of God. You will preach, you will prophesy and move in the five fold ministry of God. You will go to all the nations of the earth and preach. It is no mistake that you are here; you have been called to America. You are a ‘goodly’ child – like Moses.’ A further word of explanation was given by Callie to the congregation:These little children are open to the voice of God. The Bible says that in the last days he will pour out His spirit on all mankind.
Leeland puts down his guitar and comes from the stage to pray for Noah. He prays for God’s wisdom and Spirit to rest on Noah, for God to use him to reach young people in this nation.

I thank my sweet boy so much for getting us back into church! He is so special....I knew that from the minute I laid eyes on him!

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