Oct 29, 2011

Very Excited! I was featured.....

I wrote a while back about my mom and I getting to go to Rachel Ashwell's B&B for a luncheon and tour. Well that day I saw this precious lady walk in and we instantly locked eyes and smiled. She had the most familiar face....like I have known her before or met her somewhere but for the life of me I couldn't remember. She then came up to me and said the same thing....we still can't place each other but I know if we lived closer we would be friends! I later googled her name and her blog came up and it was a blog I visit quiet often! She is so TALENTED! One day I would love to hire her to decorate my whole house!!!!!!

So PLEASE go check out her blog....and see my table featured! (I know some of you are sick of that table! LOL)
Thank you Holly for giving me a shout out!


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Kayla said...

This blog is so beautiful! I'm glad you posted a tag line at the bottom of your email. You have a beautiful family and I am happy to read that it is growing! I do hope you get the little one by Christmas! That will be so special!