Oct 2, 2011

Mama Paint....Mama Paint!

Let me just say that I am SO in LOVE with Annie Sloan paint and literally want to paint everything! Actually Emily took one of our friends around the house one evening and said "Mama paint....Mama paint"....she pointed out everything I had painted! So cute.
I am linking up to DIY Showoff blog......

(Let me add that I have painted all of this and my island and STILL have paint left over. I bought two quarts of paint....one chateaux gray and country gray!)

This is my mantel....if you have seen previous pictures you will remember that it was once black and "distressed" but you will also remember that I am now out with the black and in the with lighter colors! I haven't decided if I am going to put a dark wax on it yet or not. I tried to distress it and it just didn't look good. I love the color though.

This is my table and chairs totally finished...waxing, distressing and all! It was a job but I love it. These pics were taken with my Iphone so excuse the poor quality and lighting.

This is a chest of drawers that my mom bought for about $30 in an auction. It sits in a small hallway type part of my house right after my entry but before you get into my living room! I love how it turned out! It was just solid brown before.

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