Oct 3, 2011


Every week at church for a really long time I have been feeling like the Lord wants me to do a nightly devotional with Taylor. Now I know for some of you that sounds weird so let me back up and tell you about this book. We have a book that a young youth intern gave us last year to start doing and we did it here and there but nothing routinely. I have REALLY felt convicted about this so last night I decided we are going to START and not stop!

We just completed night 2. These devotions have such powerful messages in them. Some are hard to read without wanting to cry or just be in shock. If you are interested it is called....

The One Year Devotions for Students by: Rick Christian
(365 daily devotions on issues that students face today)

We end each devotion with me praying for him and for his week at school and for his life in general. That is one thing I have so enjoyed even if it's only been twice as I haven't said Taylor's prayers with him in a long time!

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