Oct 26, 2011

I'm back!

I have been so busy lately with homeschooling and my trip to NYC and really just a bad case of bloggers block that I haven't taken the time to update my blog!
I will try to do better this week....I promise!

Update of Vensly- We got the long awaited dispensation and it was published and printed in their paper to make it official! Now we are in what is called "Parquet". We should be in that about 7 weeks...maybe shorter....maybe longer. I am praying shorter!
After that we enter MOI and then passports and visas! YAY! I am hoping to have that sweet boy home by Christmas but it probably will be more like the first of the year!

Homeschooling is going good! I have my days of wondering if we are doing enough and if they are getting everything they need for that grade but overall we are doing good!

I haven't updated on Emily in a while and plan to do that this week as there are some things she does and says that I don't want to forget.

I have said it a hundred times here that I have been sad that Taylor is growing up and becoming a young man and lately it has hit me even worse. He is just moving into normal stages of his life and that is a great thing but a huge part of me wants my little boy back! That said, I am so proud of him and the decisions that he makes and I pray over him all the time that he continues do make wise, Christ-like decisions.
He went to homecoming last weekend and looked so handsome and his girlfriend looked like a doll....she is precious! (Emily and I are no longer the two main girls in his life!)

Another thing I have been busy doing is trying to get clothes together and coordinated for 6 of us for our family pictures we have coming up soon! I have Jesse, Marc and Emily's together....now for the rest of us! It's hard!!!
(I am hoping we will do our family pictures to only have to turn around and do it again when V comes home!)

Lastly, I went to NYC this weekend with three of my closest friends and we had the best time! I will blog about this soon too!!!!!


shellandjim said...

Didn't you just love writing this Blog with such great news about V!!!! So amazing to actually be making final plans for our babies to BE HOME!!!

Christy said...

I can't wait!