Oct 31, 2011

The Pumpkin Patch

I finally got to take the kids to the pumpkin patch this weekend....well two of them anyway. Noah said he was to old for the pumpkin patch this year! :(
So, I dressed up the little ones and off we went....(Daddy had a meeting)

I love this first picture even though the quality didn't turn out great! Of all the pumpkins in this patch they picked three TINY pumpkins!!! :)

I wonder what he is telling her and what she is thinking?

I love these two kids together....he loves his baby sister and likes to "take care" of her and she LOVES him! When she gets in the car from school HE is the first person she wants to see!

This is Jesse holding her ears from the noise of the four wheeler pulling the train!

Emily gets scared very easy when we are outside....she doesn't like car noises or anything loud. They had a little train ride going around and she was so afraid that she wanted Jesse to hold her and he did! He is very protective of her and is so sweet to make her feel safe! I wish I would have gotten a picture but soon after this they feel over and he fell right on top of her! She had dirt and grass all over her!

Are they beautiful or what?
(remember you can click on the pictures to make them bigger!)

Oct 29, 2011

Very Excited! I was featured.....

I wrote a while back about my mom and I getting to go to Rachel Ashwell's B&B for a luncheon and tour. Well that day I saw this precious lady walk in and we instantly locked eyes and smiled. She had the most familiar face....like I have known her before or met her somewhere but for the life of me I couldn't remember. She then came up to me and said the same thing....we still can't place each other but I know if we lived closer we would be friends! I later googled her name and her blog came up and it was a blog I visit quiet often! She is so TALENTED! One day I would love to hire her to decorate my whole house!!!!!!

So PLEASE go check out her blog....and see my table featured! (I know some of you are sick of that table! LOL)
Thank you Holly for giving me a shout out!


Oct 28, 2011

Sweetest words......

Let me start by saying this boy has to be the sweetest most sensitive boy ever! I love him so much and so glad God chose me to be his mother!

The last couple of days we have started watching the TV show "19 and Counting" and on one episode some of the older kids were leaving for a mission trip for 90 days and Noah said "that would be fun" and I said "could you really be gone for 90 days" and he looked at me and said "Wait....no....I can't end my day without seeing you!" Those could be the sweetest words anyone has ever said to me!
I can't end my day without seeing him either!

Oct 26, 2011

I'm back!

I have been so busy lately with homeschooling and my trip to NYC and really just a bad case of bloggers block that I haven't taken the time to update my blog!
I will try to do better this week....I promise!

Update of Vensly- We got the long awaited dispensation and it was published and printed in their paper to make it official! Now we are in what is called "Parquet". We should be in that about 7 weeks...maybe shorter....maybe longer. I am praying shorter!
After that we enter MOI and then passports and visas! YAY! I am hoping to have that sweet boy home by Christmas but it probably will be more like the first of the year!

Homeschooling is going good! I have my days of wondering if we are doing enough and if they are getting everything they need for that grade but overall we are doing good!

I haven't updated on Emily in a while and plan to do that this week as there are some things she does and says that I don't want to forget.

I have said it a hundred times here that I have been sad that Taylor is growing up and becoming a young man and lately it has hit me even worse. He is just moving into normal stages of his life and that is a great thing but a huge part of me wants my little boy back! That said, I am so proud of him and the decisions that he makes and I pray over him all the time that he continues do make wise, Christ-like decisions.
He went to homecoming last weekend and looked so handsome and his girlfriend looked like a doll....she is precious! (Emily and I are no longer the two main girls in his life!)

Another thing I have been busy doing is trying to get clothes together and coordinated for 6 of us for our family pictures we have coming up soon! I have Jesse, Marc and Emily's together....now for the rest of us! It's hard!!!
(I am hoping we will do our family pictures to only have to turn around and do it again when V comes home!)

Lastly, I went to NYC this weekend with three of my closest friends and we had the best time! I will blog about this soon too!!!!!

Oct 12, 2011

Before and After.....

I am linking up with Altar'd Furniture today to show off my table!
Altar'd Furniture Creations Blog

This is my $75 table that I bought on Craigslist and the chairs from my mom....this is before I discovered Annie Sloan Chalk paint......(minus the leaf)

This is the finished product! Just need the perfect rug under the table to complete it.

News from Haiti.....

We finally got our dispensation and it was printed and published in the newspaper in Haiti so it's official....the president approved us to bring our boy home! Now we are on to some last steps to get him here. I am just praying that these steps move quickly!!! I would love him to be here by Christmas!

I miss him so much....I was thinking of trying to go see him but I think now I will try to wait it out a bit more so that the next trip to Haiti is the one to bring him home!

Oct 4, 2011

New Blog....for homeschooling FIXED LINK


That is what the boys named our school.......

Check it out by clicking above!!!!

Oct 3, 2011


Every week at church for a really long time I have been feeling like the Lord wants me to do a nightly devotional with Taylor. Now I know for some of you that sounds weird so let me back up and tell you about this book. We have a book that a young youth intern gave us last year to start doing and we did it here and there but nothing routinely. I have REALLY felt convicted about this so last night I decided we are going to START and not stop!

We just completed night 2. These devotions have such powerful messages in them. Some are hard to read without wanting to cry or just be in shock. If you are interested it is called....

The One Year Devotions for Students by: Rick Christian
(365 daily devotions on issues that students face today)

We end each devotion with me praying for him and for his week at school and for his life in general. That is one thing I have so enjoyed even if it's only been twice as I haven't said Taylor's prayers with him in a long time!

Oct 2, 2011

Mama Paint....Mama Paint!

Let me just say that I am SO in LOVE with Annie Sloan paint and literally want to paint everything! Actually Emily took one of our friends around the house one evening and said "Mama paint....Mama paint"....she pointed out everything I had painted! So cute.
I am linking up to DIY Showoff blog......

(Let me add that I have painted all of this and my island and STILL have paint left over. I bought two quarts of paint....one chateaux gray and country gray!)

This is my mantel....if you have seen previous pictures you will remember that it was once black and "distressed" but you will also remember that I am now out with the black and in the with lighter colors! I haven't decided if I am going to put a dark wax on it yet or not. I tried to distress it and it just didn't look good. I love the color though.

This is my table and chairs totally finished...waxing, distressing and all! It was a job but I love it. These pics were taken with my Iphone so excuse the poor quality and lighting.

This is a chest of drawers that my mom bought for about $30 in an auction. It sits in a small hallway type part of my house right after my entry but before you get into my living room! I love how it turned out! It was just solid brown before.

Oct 1, 2011

God is Everywhere....especially The Prairie!

There is so much I want to blog about from my trip to meet Rachel Ashwell and tour her new B&B but my "God Moment" of the day were the ladies from Dwell With Dignity. Before I tell you about my moment let me tell you what this is! (Please click on the word to take you to the site!)
This is Lisa and Kim and they are the founders of DWD.....

Dwell with Dignity is a non-profit group of Interior Designers and volunteers dedicated to creating soothing, inspiring homes for families struggling with homelessness and poverty. We provide and install home interiors for families that include furnishings and art, bedding and kitchen supplies, and food in the pantry.

Our mission is to help families escape poverty and homelessness through design. One household at a time.

If we can change a person’s surroundings, we can change their outlook on life. Exposing children (especially) to a nurturing home environment, that includes good design and art, can inspire a standard of living that will carry-over to future generations. Exposing parents to this same environment will allow them to see the positive impact it has on their family; inspiring them to maintain a standard of living they can be proud of and thrive in.

Now let me start by saying I am not an interior designer but I love to decorate my house and I would LOVE to be a part of Dwell with Dignity. I love helping others feel good and making others happy with my God given talents or creativity! I always think about what I am going to do with my time once Emily is and Vensly are in school, if I don't homeschool them, and that day as I sat there listening to them speak about their dream they made come true and their passion for what they do I felt God was telling me I could do this....that I could be a part of this. I even thought about my photography and how really already I do it mostly for my friends and people that I know couldn't afford to pay for family pictures. That day really made me think about my creativity and my talents and that I should be using them doing His work!
I so admired those ladies that day and the things they said about why they do what they do. It brought tears to my eyes!!
I am not sure what I am supposed to do with my life once my kids aren't a "full time" job but I do know it will be all about giving back through my creativity!

Thank you Lisa and Kim for helping me hear that day! You two are amazing!