Sep 21, 2011

30 days!!!!!

And I am NYC bound with three of my best girl friends!!! I can't wait! There are so many things that we want to do. I have been twice but there are still lots left to see...especially the girly things! I love my hubby and my kiddos but this momma needs a break and I think the big apple is the best place for that!

These were from my last trip with my hubby, my mom and step dad and my brother and SIL.....

Sep 14, 2011

Me, My Momma, 33 new blogger friends and Rachel Ashwell......

The Prairie B & B....

Isn't that the neatest place you have ever seen? WELL.....

My momma and I are so excited that we are one of 35 bloggers that get to have lunch with Rachel Ashwell at her new bed and breakfast in Round Top, TX. Click here to see is SO NEAT! We are beyond excited!

A portion of the proceeds from the luncheon go towards a great cause....DWELLING WITH DIGNITY. Please go and read all about what they do! They were also featured on the Nate Berkus Show!

Lunch is being catered by Royers! Our family loves Royers....the pies are to die for! The pictures below are a family dinner we had there last Christmas!

Thank you so much to Kelly from The Hidden List for putting this all together! I am so excited to meet Kelley and the other very talented bloggers that will be there. Stay tuned for pictures and a post on our very special day!

Also, if you are in Round Top you really need to stop by my Momma's shop....EMILY & Co. She has been working really hard to get it hard actually as she ended up in the ER with a bad back!
She has done some amazing transformations with her Annie Sloan Paint!!!!

And as another fellow blogger said "WHAT ARE WE GOING TO WEAR????"

Sep 11, 2011

Changing a Prayer......

Everyday my husband goes to his "real job"....the one he gets paid to do. He leaves the house at the same time each morning and gets home at the same time each evening. His job is stressful at times but he is great at what he does and we are very blessed that he has it. I never worry about him or his safety while he's there.

Then there is his "other" job. The one where he works about once or twice a week and almost always that is at night. The one where he wears a starched uniform......a bullet proof vest...and a belt that weighs about 15lbs and contains a gun and some other stuff he may need. This is also the job that he does for FREE...he does NOT get paid. This is the job that when he leaves I pray over him EVERY SINGLE TIME he leaves and prays he comes home! Lately, I have worried more and even told him not to long ago that I do not like him doing this anymore....even though I know he loves it. I know it means a lot to him to have earned that badge and he takes it very serious. He graduated top of his class at the academy and won every award there was for his class.
I even voiced to my close friend last week that I was praying that God would take the desire to do this job away from him and that he would quit. I have prayed that a few times lately!

Then today....our preacher started the service with a "thank you" to our armed forces and then to anyone that is a "first responder" and it dawned on me..."That is what Marc is!" He stood up, along with a bunch of others, and I found myself being very proud. I also suddenly felt very convicted about my prayer lately. God reminded me at that time who Marc really is....he is a helper....he is quick on his feet....he is calm in a storm....and he is very smart! He is someone that you would want protecting you or responding to you in a tragedy like 911. The Lord reminded me that if there weren't people like Marc then what would our world be like. I know that I would want him or someone like him protecting me in a time of crisis! So, right then I changed my prayer from my selfish want to just prayer of protection and a prayer of thankfulness for making Marc the way he is.

Sep 8, 2011

Tea with PawPaw!

When my dad (Pawpaw kitties, as my kids have always called him)comes over it is pure play time! He does whatever they ask him to play and usually puts his own unique spin on it! My kids are crazy about him, even though they don't see him all the time, they pick up right where they left off. Even Emily runs to him like she has missed him so much and just couldn't wait for him to get there! She immediately gets out her toys.

This time first she had to show him her new shoes and have him put them on for her.....

Then they played dolls....Pawpaw would spank the baby and then she would spank it too....then she would LAUGH!!!

And here they are having tea! It was the cutest thing ever!
You can tell in the last picture that she was cracking him never know what is going to come out of her mouth...or his for that matter!!! LOL!

Sep 7, 2011

Update on Vensly......

A few of you have been asking about an update on V and sadly there really isn't anything new to share. We are still waiting and praying for the president's signature saying it is ok for us to adopt him even though we have four children already! I PRAY and beg God for this to happen soon! I miss him so much it hurts sometimes.....every morning I see his empty bed upstairs just waiting for him to jump on it and sleep in makes me sad. The good thing is that he is happy where he is and is very well taken care of! That makes me feel good!

Be sure and check out our friends' blog about the amazing things they have in store for the children and people of Haiti!!!

MY LIFE SPEAKS!!!!! ( <------click there )

Sep 6, 2011

I love ANNIE.......and my new table!

Updated pictures here.....

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I am in love with this is the easiest paint EVER! No sanding....most of the time you just need one coat....I could go on an on! IF you have ever wanted to paint something you have and were just scared about all the prep then Annie Sloan Chalk paint and wax is for you!
(this is not my picture)

This is my table before we fell in love with Annie Sloan paint.....

I painted the table country gray, which is really an oatmeal color and the chairs are chateaux gray, which is a sage green! I LOVE IT! It has really brightened up my breakfast area! (this picture is before waxing and distressing)

This is a finished chair.....after waxing, distressing, waxing again and buffing!

So today....about an hour before I had to go get Taylor I decided to paint my island and I LOVE the way it turned out! I think we are going to add pulls to the cabinet doors and drawers to dress it up. It's missing something.....
Who knows I may just get brave enough to paint them all!

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