Aug 4, 2011

Big Changes.......

I think I have said on here a few times that I would love to home school my kids....not Taylor as he only has three years left and I want him to finish at the only school he has ever known. I am actually excited about that but sure not rushing it as he could possibly be leaving home and going to college! (Really can't think about that right now!)

That brings me to my "big news"..... I have decided to home school Noah and Jesse this year. (Ok people that know me....are you up off the floor yet?) I have had it on my mind a LOT this past school year but knew I had tried before with Taylor and wasn't successful at it. That was about five years ago. I have prayed about this a lot...and I MEAN A LOT! Can I say that He has clearly told me that yes I should do it? No, I can't say that but I do believe that He is not going to fault me for trying. I can say that I am excited and that really I am a different person than I was then!
Am I worried about "socialization"? NO! My boys have tons of friends here in the neighborhood and the ones they spend the night with or do things with do not go to school with them anyway. They are neighborhood friends and church friends. We aren't moving anytime soon and for sure aren't leaving our church!
I know for a fact that some of you reading this think I have lost my ever livin' mind and you know what? Maybe I have but that is MY mind to loose and our choice to make. I hope that everyone that reads this post and really loves us will pray for us that we are successful and that it is a great experience!
One of my biggest worries when we finally came to the decision to do this was what people were going to think and my husband was worried that he would have to "explain" ourselves to everyone around us why we are choosing to do this. And we probably will feel like we have to at times but I hope people understand that this has nothing to do with their previous schools or the public school they would attend if they's just a personal choice that we have made for our boys!

I have their curriculum all picked out and am so excited to go a buy it tomorrow and start planning out our year!
I am also going to spend next week getting one bedroom ready for Noah's work space and another area in the gameroom ready for Jesse's workspace. I am also going to continue to PRAY....pray that we have an awesome school year!
(now pick your jaw up off the floor!)


Christy said...

WOW! That wasn't quite the big news I was expecting, but hey, that's exciting! I will pray for you. Things will be great! Love ya!

Britmom said...

Congratulations on your descision to step out in faith ot love and serve your children in this way Leslie. I will tell you that after 15 years of homeschooling it seems like the one that gets the hardest most challenging education every year is me! LOL
There will be days you plaster you face against the door adn wonder why the yellow bus isn't stopping at your house.. but then the day will turn and a gem will shine and you will wonder how you could ever have thought of missing that moment!
What are you going to use this year?
All to say.. hearing you on the fears, praying for you as you start this journey, supporting this choice for your family as I support all my friends choices made prayerfully and lovingly for the best of their children.

Hoots Momma said...

BIG BIG news. No ones business. Besides who cares what anyone thinks. I'll be praying for sure!!! missed yall tonight!

Hoots Momma said...

BIG BIG news. No ones business. Besides who cares what anyone thinks. I'll be praying for sure!!! missed yall tonight!