Aug 25, 2011

First Day of Pre-school and our Field Trip!

This is my girl all dressed up in her school shirt for her very first day at Wee School! She loved getting her lunch put together and her "PAK PAK", which when we put it on her she fell backwards! She was a little apprehensive about it once we walked in but other than pouting a little I think she did great! I missed her when she was gone but I know she is in great hands and will have a great time!

And while Emily was at her first day of pre-school the boys and I did our school at the library. It was so nice and quiet there and the boys were so excited to get their very own library cards! We got quiet a bit accomplished while we were there. We are definitely going to do that more often!

We also went to Home Depot to get seeds and small pots for them to plant and watch and document the growth of their seeds. Jesse picked bluebonnets and Noah picked some kind of vine! They painted their pots with chalk paint and let me just say....they are messy painters!!!!!! (they also got haircuts about shaggy!)

Aug 18, 2011

Adventures in Homeschooling.....Day 1

Ok...don't worry I won't blog about our day everyday but I do want to remember today....our very first day!

This about describes it..... wasn't like that the whole time with Jesse but I won't lie....he did do that a lot! He had times he really got into the work and lessons and times when he said he was just exhausted! (Not sure how when he was sleeping by 8:30 last night and has slept late all summer long...but hey...I am not six....I am sure it is exhausting! )

My favorite part of Jesse's day was when we were doing Bible and I asked him "Why should we read our Bible?" and he said "Because it's God's Holy word!" Wow...isn't he right?? That made today's struggles worth it!
I do have to say that boy is smart!

Now to my sweet Noah's day....he is a piece of cake! He did not gripe one time! Let me tell you...his curriculum is not easy either.

I am learning new things right along with him. It was so sweet to hear him read our Bible scriptures to us in his sweet little voice. When I asked him why we read the Bible he said "because it's the truth and we need to hear the truth!" What a smart boy!

I am still very excited to continue to homeschool them but I know it's not going to be easy but with prayer and patience I know I can do this and be successful at it!

Aug 17, 2011

My Yardsale Find........

I am linking up with my favorite blog! Savvy Southern Style I wish I could have her over for dinner and she could give me pointers in every room in my house! She is so talented!!!!

I painted a table that my mom bought at an auction for about $40 and put it outside under our covered area and I have been searching for four chairs to go with it. I have been looking at Goodwill, craigslist and online yardsales for WEEKS and haven't had any luck....until TODAY! I did my morning check of and these two chairs came up for $5 each! I was SO HAPPY....I snatched them up and got to painting this afternoon! now to just find two more......

This is the before picture.......

Here they are after and put with the table! YES....I love bright colors!!!!

Thank you....we start tomorrow!

When I first announced that I was homeschooling I was SO worried what people were going to say....or not say! I was afraid people were going to think I had lost my mind and that I was not doing right by my kids. I must say that I was SO wrong! I have received MANY kind messages and emails supporting me and telling me they would pray for us! I am ashamed that I was worried at all....I have to say I have the best friends and family in the world and I thank God for you guys everyday!

We start tomorrow.....stay tuned then for an update on our first day!

Aug 13, 2011

Happy 17th Anniversary to us!!!!

Well today we celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary! Our little boys are with my mom and Taylor has been at a friends all weekend so we have only had Emily! I forgot how EASY it is with one child.....but I also realized that I LOVE my crazy, wild boys and the noise that comes with them ALL together!
We went to an indoor gun range today with some good was the first time I have ever shot a gun in my life...with the exception of a BB gun! If you know my husband then you will find that odd that I have never shot a gun....he has like a million guns! It actually was really fun and I can't wait to go back....I did better with the bigger ones....I want to hit the target EVERY TIME! Practice!!!!

We didn't exchange gifts this year but did something that I liked even better. We had to write 17 things we love about each other, 17 of our best memories together and 17 things we are excited for in our future. It was so neat to remember things that the other one had forgotten and to read the things he loves about me that I never knew!

One of my favorite things he said to me was that he is excited for our kid's futures and having them over for dinner with their own families!
I can't wait to see our BIG FAMILY picture....what a colorful portrait that will be!

17 years ago if you would have told me my family would look like it does now I would have said you are crazy but I am SO GLAD it does!

Happy 17 years baby....only 33 more until our 50th wedding anniversary party!!!!

Aug 10, 2011

2007 Sportster XL1200......

You can click on the pictures to make them bigger and see more detail......
(this post is for a craigslist listing....)

Aug 9, 2011

God Moments......

It all started here in Haiti in the creche with this TINY baby boy named Vensly.....little did they know in this picture that they were about to be brothers!

These were taken last year shortly after Marc met and fell in love with Vensly! This was the time that I would stalk every teams facebook page for new pictures of my new son. What's neat is somehow the team member that falls in love with your particular child seems to find you one way or the other! This precious lady found me and told me she taught V how to play peek-a-boo. These pictures show him doing it. I think he was about 18 months old here!

These were given to me in December last year and were taken by a young man that didn't know at the time what a gift he would be giving us.....
We were all packed and literally two hours away from leaving for the airport when a good friend came to our door to inform us our trip to meet our son for the very first time (my first time) was CANCELLED! I was devastated!
BUT...a team did get to go shortly after and this young man feel for V and took tons of pictures and a video of him laughing so hard...what a gift that was for us. God is so good!!!!

Through Haiti and this adoption God has brought these special people into our lives...even though we don't see them all the time and we live in different states I know they are there to pray for us or with us about anything! They are now our family! We are so blessed to be part of the BGM family and I love these guys and their families!!! (there are lots I don't have pictures of!)
These pictures were taken on our January trip to Haiti that we took with just Brent, Mike and trip EVER!
This is Dr. Bernard and Mrs. Claudette....they will always be Vensly's grandparents in Haiti. They are amazing people!
This is Leslie and she now lives in Haiti full time....I had an instant connection with her! She is doing amazing things!

And this was a really neat "God moment" during our March trip to see Vensly.....
You can read about it here..... CLICK HERE
This is us with the beautiful Hillary from Lady A.....

With many more pictures and stories like this in church family...I mean literally some of my closest friends that I feel are my family went to Haiti and spent time with V when they could......I also found out that week that my boy is 26lbs...he has almost caught up with his baby sister! :) He has gained over 10lbs in a year. Praise God......
Here are some of people that not only loved on him in Haiti for a week but will also love on him once he gets home for good!

The first picture is Kazen and his daughter Brooke, who is one of Noah's good friends and they are with their newest son and brother Betson! I can't wait for he and Vensly to both be home and have play dates!!! (They may even move into our neighborhood....yay!!)

I can't wait for the biggest God moment......our travel call! PRAY IT IS SOON!