Jul 17, 2011

Update on Our Family.......

A lot of people have been asking me what is taking so long with Vensly and I really wish that I had an answer myself but I don't! To some of you guys the process seems like it's been a really long time and actually we have known about Vensly for one year exactly this weekend! That is not when we started the "adoption" of him though....we started collecting documents and the things needed to have a completed dossier.

This brings me to another question....what is a dossier?
Dossier: When used in the context of adoption, this term refers to a set of appropriately authenticated and translated legal documents which are used in international adoption cases to process the adoption of a child in its own country by the adoptive parents, or for the adoptive parents to obtain the legal custody or guardianship of the child in the foreign court, so the child can be brought by the adoptive parents to the United States for adoption.

Our dossier didn't arrive in Haiti until we went on our first trip in January. Luckily, Vensly was still available for adoption and we were officially given his referral at that time. Then is February our dossier went into IBESR....that is usually the longest step to the Haitian adoption process but we seemed to fly through that process. Going into this adoption we knew we would have to have a dispensation from the president since we have four children already and we thought we were given that before exiting IBESR but lately have found out that we may not have gotten that yet after all. I pray that we have but we are still not sure......
Haiti is just a waiting game....it's really hard to get any real answers and YES there are times that I question myself and whether we really were supposed to start this process but then God QUICKLY reminds me of my two trips there and how God had his hand on every single detail and He reminds me that YES we were supposed to start this process to bring OUR SON HOME!!!!
So, as of now I am still praying and holding on to the possibility that he may be home by September.
He HAS to be home by the first of the year because we are planning a Disney cruise for spring break and he HAS TO GO!!!!

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