Jul 26, 2011

Noah Goes to Camp......

My sweet Noah left for camp on Sunday afternoon and was beyond excited! He was going with his friend Everett and could not wait to get there. This was his and Everett's first time to go to camp. You know me....it had to be documented in pictures!

Here is my Noah with his suitcase full of clothes, sheets, towels, toiletries, glow sticks, orange hairspray and of course his BIBLE!

The sun was shining right in our eyes but I had to get one of me and my boy!

Marc thinks I go a little over board with the pictures sometimes...can't you tell by the look on his face!

Here is Noah and Everett on the bus ready to go!!!! These two boys are the sweetest kids....I know God has big plans for both of them. They are both so kind hearted and sweet! I am glad they are friends!!

Monday morning I received a text very early with this picture.....and when I saw it I thought to myself that either he just woke up or had been crying. Well....he was homesick and had been crying. Poor little thing....his eyes were so swollen he looked like he didn't have any!

I was able to call him and TRY to cheer him up....and was able to talk with his counselor, who I must add, is a God send to Noah and to us. He has gone out of his way to make Noah feel better and this morning I got this.....

Hey Mom..."I am having a blast!"

That smile is his genuine "I am having a good time" smile! While I miss that little guy like crazy I am so thankful he is having a great time and I hope that God moves in his life in a mighty way!

Here he is with his nachos tonight all decked out in his ORANGE team color!!!


Krista said...

SOOOO glad he is having a better time!! Way to go Noah!

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

Poor bub! Homesickness is tough! I'm glad he got over it and is having a great time now! :)