Jul 31, 2011

Answered Prayers.......

For the past month I have had a specific prayer that I have prayed about on and off....really I have worried about it more than actually praying about it or trusting God that it will all work out. Last Sunday while we were in church the music was amazing, as always, and I just REALLY prayed hard about this certain thing and literally gave it all to God....I asked him for specific things. Fast forward to Monday evening and I find out that EVERYTHING I asked of Him was answered! I think when I truely give it to God and totally trust that he will take care of us, like he always does, then He works it out!
I love these God moments.....I hope you are praying about your "worries" too!

Just adding a favorite photo from this weekend! Today is my granny's 91st Birthday and this is her with my brother, my dad, Emily, my nephew Eli and I. We had a great day celebrating with her! More pictures of our weekend in Freds later!

Jul 26, 2011

Noah Goes to Camp......

My sweet Noah left for camp on Sunday afternoon and was beyond excited! He was going with his friend Everett and could not wait to get there. This was his and Everett's first time to go to camp. You know me....it had to be documented in pictures!

Here is my Noah with his suitcase full of clothes, sheets, towels, toiletries, glow sticks, orange hairspray and of course his BIBLE!

The sun was shining right in our eyes but I had to get one of me and my boy!

Marc thinks I go a little over board with the pictures sometimes...can't you tell by the look on his face!

Here is Noah and Everett on the bus ready to go!!!! These two boys are the sweetest kids....I know God has big plans for both of them. They are both so kind hearted and sweet! I am glad they are friends!!

Monday morning I received a text very early with this picture.....and when I saw it I thought to myself that either he just woke up or had been crying. Well....he was homesick and had been crying. Poor little thing....his eyes were so swollen he looked like he didn't have any!

I was able to call him and TRY to cheer him up....and was able to talk with his counselor, who I must add, is a God send to Noah and to us. He has gone out of his way to make Noah feel better and this morning I got this.....

Hey Mom..."I am having a blast!"

That smile is his genuine "I am having a good time" smile! While I miss that little guy like crazy I am so thankful he is having a great time and I hope that God moves in his life in a mighty way!

Here he is with his nachos tonight all decked out in his ORANGE team color!!!

Jul 21, 2011

Sweet Cora and Emily.......

We had a swim day last week with my friend Christy and her kiddos and while we were outside giving the big kids their lunch I came back in to some cute little baby laughs and this is what I found! They were taking their yogurt and putting it on their hands and clapping so they can see it splatter everywhere! It was so cute that I let them do it!
I just love Cora and I love to hear her say...."Em-Lay"....she is such a little doll!
I hope they always remain good friends!!!

"Pinning" Emily's 2nd Birthday Party......

I have decided to just have a small family party this year for Emily's birthday. Just us and her grandparents! Emily LOVES strawberries so that is the theme we are going with this year!
I have decided to have a brunch....I am going to make pancakes with strawberry topping and a few other "strawberry things"!

If you haven't caught the "pinterest" bug....you need to now! It's amazing and addictive! Here are a few things I "pinned" for her party........

Main course.....

I love how this table is set up......I am going to add turquoise to it!

I am going to buy the cupcakes at Sam's and add the strawberries myself!

I actually just bought this dress from a girl on facebook.....goes perfect!

I love these turquiose containers the strawberries are in!

My friend Karen makes these and they are so good and so pretty!!!

Strawberry Lemonade.....

Jul 19, 2011

More Decorating....and a small update!

We recieved most of the paperwork we need to file our I-600 and for Vensly's visa so that is a huge praise! We did find out though that we have not gotten the dispensation we need from the president of Haiti. It's just his signature saying we can still adopt Vensly even though we have four children at home. It's really scary to me that we have gotten this far really quickly but could possibly be turned down. I know that God has brought us this far and I have to remember He will carry us through to the end and we will have our son home where he belongs!

Until then....I have been getting rid of more DARK and bringing in the LIGHT! I repainted an old table I have had for a long time and it looks great. I don't have a before picture but here it is after......
Still not sure if I am going to distress it or not.....

I also bought these things at goodwill....I think total I paid for all three things was about $5!

This is what it all looks like after.....

This is that ugly yellow bottle with the flower on it......

And lastly, my momma finished my chair covers for my dining room chairs and I LOVE THEM! It makes my dining room look a little more femine! Here they are with all of them on!

I still have lots of summer pictures to share with you guys too! I need to get them edited....I have some really cute pictures of my girl and my boys! Stay tuned......

Jul 17, 2011

Update on Our Family.......

A lot of people have been asking me what is taking so long with Vensly and I really wish that I had an answer myself but I don't! To some of you guys the process seems like it's been a really long time and actually we have known about Vensly for one year exactly this weekend! That is not when we started the "adoption" of him though....we started collecting documents and the things needed to have a completed dossier.

This brings me to another question....what is a dossier?
Dossier: When used in the context of adoption, this term refers to a set of appropriately authenticated and translated legal documents which are used in international adoption cases to process the adoption of a child in its own country by the adoptive parents, or for the adoptive parents to obtain the legal custody or guardianship of the child in the foreign court, so the child can be brought by the adoptive parents to the United States for adoption.

Our dossier didn't arrive in Haiti until we went on our first trip in January. Luckily, Vensly was still available for adoption and we were officially given his referral at that time. Then is February our dossier went into IBESR....that is usually the longest step to the Haitian adoption process but we seemed to fly through that process. Going into this adoption we knew we would have to have a dispensation from the president since we have four children already and we thought we were given that before exiting IBESR but lately have found out that we may not have gotten that yet after all. I pray that we have but we are still not sure......
Haiti is just a waiting game....it's really hard to get any real answers and YES there are times that I question myself and whether we really were supposed to start this process but then God QUICKLY reminds me of my two trips there and how God had his hand on every single detail and He reminds me that YES we were supposed to start this process to bring OUR SON HOME!!!!
So, as of now I am still praying and holding on to the possibility that he may be home by September.
He HAS to be home by the first of the year because we are planning a Disney cruise for spring break and he HAS TO GO!!!!

Jul 9, 2011

Checkin' it off........

With Emily being so sick I have been in the house a LOT and will be until she is completely well so I am checkin' things off my to do list of DIY things.....

The Coffee Filter Wreath- I have wanted to do this for so long! There are tutorials all over the blog world. I made one for my mom and used hot glue.....the one I made for myself I used straight pins. You can leave the plastic wrap on the wreath or take it off....I left it on.
You can use white filters or brown....I got mine at WalMart and they had both colors. They are only like $1 a pack. I didn't even us a whole pack for one wreath.

Straight pins are easier than a glue gun but don't buy this kind of pins....they kill your fingers trying to push them through the filter! Buy the ones with the little balls on the end.

You fold the filter like this and then just glue it to the wreath.....very easy and then just keep adding around until its as full as you want it. Don't put any on the back so the wreath will lay flat!

This is the finished product! I hung it on the door but not sure how well it will hold up with rainy weather...if we ever have any! Not the asian eyes behind the glass.....

My crazy boy had to get in on the picture......

I bought a candle holder at Goodwill for .59...and I had another candle holder that I have had for a long time....so I painted both and antiqued them. The birds are from hobby lobby and were on sale for $2 each!

Since this picture one bird has already "died"....thank to Emily! LOL....

I started the photo wall going up my stairs and finally printed off our picture with some of our "family rules" on it. I am thinking that I may actually change the frames to lighter colored ones. Maybe I will paint those and see how they turn out! I was have to add it to my "to do list!"

I painted my back door on the outside black and added the "Welcome" vinyl to it. I love how it turned out!

And I finally added the vinyl wording to my laundry door!

Jul 8, 2011

Wow! What a week! and Noah is 9!!!

First of all I would like to say Happy 9th Birthday to my sweet Noah! I can't believe you are already 9. Seems like yesterday that we were waiting for you to come home. You are such a sweet, sensitive, good boy and I am so blessed that God chose me to be your mom! I love you so very much!

Here is my sweet boy on his first birthday.....

Here is my handsome son today!

We are hoping to celebrate his birthday tomorrow by taking him to lunch at a place of his choice and to eat ice cream! We didn't get to go yesterday because Emily has been very sick since Saturday evening and I spent the day back at the doctor with her. Back up to last week....
We spent the night at Lost Pines, a resort hotel, and Emily played and swam to two days straight! She had the best time....especially in the spray park part. Then on Thursday we headed to Alabama to Marc's parents house and again Emily played hard for two days and on Saturday night developed a really bad diaper rash and then on Sunday morning woke up with fever. She was burning up! That was followed by diarrhea and later vomiting....and the diaper rash got worse! MUCH WORSE! It looked like someone had burned her with an iron! So painful!!! Monday we headed home....7 hours and 13 diapers later we were home. Tuesday morning I get her in first thing but have to see another doctor because mine wasn't in. She "sorta" examined her....told me she was slightly dehydrated....gave me a nausea medicine and sent me home. All this time fever was never really breaking....it was averaging 103. Wednesday she did better....she even was good enough for her brother to babysit her while Marc and I went to dinner with friends. She slept pretty good but that morning the fever was high again and diarrhea started back again. Something just told me I should take her back in before the weekend so Thursday afternoon we go back in....they weigh her...which by the way she hasn't eaten hardly anything since Saturday evening....the they take her temperature and it was a whoppin' 107!!!! I liked to died and the nurse couldn't believe her eyes so she redid it and still 107!!! So that started the swabbing her throat, pricking her finger, trying to bag her to get a urine sample and when that didn't work they catheterized her, took two viles of blood, got a stool sample and gave her a shot of antibiotic just in case they have missed something! Poor girl was tortured! In the meantime the doctor throws out there that she could possibly have a connective tissue disease! WHAT???

When they would come in she would scream, cry and then blow them sugars and say "Go bye bye!!!!!" She wanted out of there!!!!!!! After finding nothing...they sent us home. Still feeling uneasy with her temp of 103 we decided to take her to Texas Children's ER this morning at 4 and again after double checking everything and ruling out Kawasaki disease they have decided that it is just a nasty virus! We are still waiting for the test results of the CTD and the urine culture but they are pretty confident that it just has to run it's course! They did say she could have gotten it from the spray park from last week. I know she drank a LOT of that pool water!!!
I will tell you that yesterday and this morning I was so scared...I haven't been that scared for one of my children since Noah was her age and had his seizure. I does make me realize that on minute your child can be normal, happy and playing and the next second sick as can be!!! She is still very grouch and feverish and they say she could be for another few days and I am praying she is well SOON but I am also praising God for the healing he has done so far in her little body! So many people were praying for her and we have felt it. I was even walking out of the doctor yesterday into an empty parking lot wanting to just cry and I hear a voice call my name and it was Pawpaw (my step dad)....Emily was very happy to see him and then we all look up and our friend Tommy had walked up! He came to check on us and make sure I wasn't by myself. I can't tell you how much better they made me feel and I thanked God for such a wonderful family and friends!!!!