Jun 20, 2011

More prayers for my Vensly!!

Even one of the most beautiful baby boys in the world can have snot down his nose! And boy does my baby boy have it....ALL THE TIME! Actually, most of the children do in the Creche. That is just what happens when you have that many kids together all the time in such close quarters. I do worry though as the last two times we have been around him I feel like he keeps a fever and horrible croupy cough. If you pray will you please pray for my boy....I am so afraid he could have walking pneumonia. Maybe not but he just doesn't feel good....I do know that! I can tell in his pictures and Marc said when he was there a month ago he was so warm and just didn't feel well. Please also pray that his paperwork gets where it needs to FAST so we can get him home and get him WELL but most of all so he can have his forever family ALL THE TIME!!!!

I am sure it wasn't easy and I am certain it might have taken a few tickles but she did finally get a smile out of him and hopefully a laugh!
Thank you Sarah for taking the time to love on my boy and make his happy even if it was for only a short time!


Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

Oh sweet baby! Of course we'll pray that he is healthy! (And that he gets home to you guys soon!)

Christy said...

Missed blogging yesterday. I am saying a prayer for Vens right now and you. Love and hugs, Christy

Asha K. said...

Praying for him right now!!