Jun 6, 2011


Yesterday I was making lunch and the boys were playing and Marc was outside powerwashing and Emily was at the window saying over and over in her sweet voice "Hi Daddy....Hi Daddy....Hi Daddy"!! She must have said it a hundred times. I stopped and just listened to the sounds of my family and thanked God for what I have. I have said it before and will say it again....I don't know what I did to deserve this life I have but I hope I continue to deserve it and to please God with my role in this family!
Lately, I have had to stop myself from being sad about Taylor being 15! That is just unbelievable to me. I really did blink my eyes and he was that old. It seems like yesterday that he was a baby! Three years and he could possibly be moving out to go to college. That will be here so quickly! I can't even think about that day.....
I look at Noah and Jesse and I just can't believe that God chose me to be their mother....and brought them to me all the way from Korea! It's amazing how God knows our lives before we do and how he puts his own unique touches on our family! I hope their birthmother knows in her heart that they are happy and healthy and that we love them so much!!
I still remember the day I found out I was pregnant with Emily and Marc's reaction of pure disbelief and how I was terrified to be 36 and having a baby! But fast forward to now....I can't imagine our lives without this little girl in it. She is adorable! I love watching her with her Daddy and I love watching her with her brothers....she will wrestle them one minute and tell them very sternly NO and the next give them a big ol' kiss on the lips! And the sound of her saying "Hi Daddy, Hi Daddy"....just makes my heart happy!
I also remember the night that Marc was in Haiti for the first time and he sent me a picture of a TINY baby boy just because! I knew better though....I had a strong feeling that day that the baby in that picture was already our son. I can't wait to get him home and see him fit in with our circus of a family!

That brings me to my hubby! I really do think I love this man more every day! I am so proud of the man he has become the last couple of years but the truth is he has always been that man. He has always taken such good care of me and our kids....how ever many we had at that time! :) He has always loved God and has always been the spiritual leader of our house. He may have gone through a rough period but I know for a fact that was God's way of growing him into the father and the man he is today! I am so blessed to be his wife! And he ain't all that bad to look at either!!
I love our life we have together and I love the story God chose for us and I am so excited to see what else He has for us!
I know you guys that read my blog have probably read all this before but for some reason today I thought I would write it all out again so that I can look back and read and remember that this weekend I was feeling exceptionally happy and blessed to be me!

I add this picture because this is us on picture day.....usually the boys are mad because I am anal about their hair and clothes and they hate to wear "polos". Taylor likes to act crazy for the camera or not smile....jesse can't stay still....Noah is usually hot and Emily wants down to play with the dog and Magic will do everything BUT sit for the picture!!! It's wild, crazy, but that is us!!!!

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