Jun 27, 2011

20 Year Ago......

I graduated from Ross S. Sterling Class of 91' and this weekend we celebrated by getting together and catch up! I didn't get pictures of everyone I would have liked too but it was so nice to see everyone!

This is me and Kim...Kimberly....Kimmy....and my bestest friend in the whole world! I would say we are more like sisters than friends. She knows everything single thing about me and is there no matter what or when I need her! People even think we are sisters most of the time! I love her so much and thank God for choosing me to be her best friend! We became friends in the 5th grade when she came up to me and said "Will you be my best friend....everyone else has one but me?" I said SURE!!! The rest is history......

This is me and Brendy! She is another BFF...I don't see her as much as I would like to but when we do we pick up like we never missed a day! The thing I love about her is that we laugh like crazy all the time!!!!! I have so many great memories with her and am so thankful for that! I love this girl!!!!

This is me with Crystal and Lianna. Crystal and I have been friends forever...our moms even went to school together and are still friends. We don't see each other as much as I would like but when we do we always have a great time!
Lianna and I went to school together from kinder to 12th grade to but I never really got to know her until we were grown and we connected through our blogs. It's funny how you can "know" someone forever but not really connect until you are grown. She is an amazing lady and we have a lot of the same interests and values! Check out her blog on my blog roll....Be Thou A Knight and Growing our Own Garden to follow her as her and her husband prepare to become parents for the first time!

We went to High school in Baytown but we all grew up in Highlands! So this is the "Highlands Crew"....that was my favorite part of the reunion. There are so many that I didn't get a picture with but I am hoping to see them all again soon!

This is me, Sean and Crystal! Sean was and still is the nicest guy! I can remember wanting to go to prom with Sean so bad. I went with a Sean....but just not him! (I can say that now that we are both very happily married! He has a beautiful wife and little girl!)

We have gone to school together from Kinder to Senior year! I was so happy to see everyone again!!!

This is me, Amy and Dory! Amy is one of my first friends EVER! She lived down the road from me and we played together non stop growing up! She reminded me of our matching pink bicycles that we used to pretend were corvettes! When I look at her I see her beautiful momma that passed away way to early. What a huge part of my childhood her and her family were!
Dory is in the green and we were in Junior high youth together at the Methodist church. We attended lots of church dances and made lots of memories together. Haven't they grown up to be such beautiful ladies???

This is Diane and Stephanie....I haven't seen these ladies since we graduated and was so happy to see them. They are gorgeous!!!

This is Kelli with Crystal, Sean and I. We have been friends for a very long time also and am so thankful that God brought her back into my life within the last few years. She is an amazing person and we never lack for conversation!

I am already looking forward to the next one! So glad I went!

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