May 1, 2011

Marriage Monday- FAITH

I am participating in Chrysalis' marriage Monday again this week! (click here to check out her site!)

Here are some questions she discusses about faith and your marriage! Here are my answers!

How does your Christian faith express itself between you and your spouse?
I would say that our faith expresses itself between us by our actions. We are part of an amazing church that is perfect for us and our family. We don't miss church unless we are out of town, which is not very often. Even then we sometimes come home on Saturday. We openly speak about God and what He has done in our lives. We talk to our children about God and tell them what miracles each one of them are and that if it weren't for Him our family wouldn't be!
We base important decisions on what we believe God would want us to do. We pray about it then go with whatever answer we have peace about. If we both do not have peace about something then we know that He has a different answer for us.
We continue to pray for restoration in our marriage and we try to live a Biblical marriage. While most of the time we make important decisions together but in the end my husband is the spiritual leader in our home and he will make the final decision. Luckily, we are very in tune with each other and are most times on the same page!

Do you pray together?

This has been a prayer of mine for a while...I will answer this in totally honesty!

Yes and no. We pray at the dinner table with our kids....most of the time they want to say it so they take turns and sometimes Marc or I say the prayer to. Marc has prayed at small group for our group requests that night or has said the blessing before a meal at a gathering. I am terrified to pray out loud in front of people...even family! I did say the prayer before our Thanksgiving dinner with all of my famiy present and I was pretty proud of that but was nervous! We pray with our kids at night...sometimes together and sometimes by ourselves with them...depends on who tucks them in!

My prayers for a while now is to become a couple that prays together in private as well as with our kids. We have the praying with our kids down!
We are starting to become that couple as when we took Vensly back to the orphanage the day we left Marc prayed over him for the both of us. That was such a special time and one I will never forget!
I once read that 'the couple that prays together....stays together!" I believe that!

Do you lead or attend a couples Bible study?

Yes, we attend what we call at our church an off campus small group and it's a HUGE part of our life. The leader of our group is a close friend of ours and happens to be the preacher of our church. He's a great leader!
When we first joined Second we were just in the beginning stages of repairing our marriage and we joined a small group. It wasn't easy to go the very first time by ourselves as we didn't really know anyone and the couple that invited us weren't going to be there that night but we did it and it's was one of the best things we ever did. The couple that invited us are now our very best friends and without really knowing it helped us in repairing our marriage and strengthening our family. They have now moved and we changed small groups but after time this one has become very important to us and we have made some life long friends. AND....friends that I know would be there for us through thick and thin and not allow us to ever give in to the D-word!

Flashback photo.....This picture was taken on the day of our closing of our new house, which also represented a new beginning! (The other two pictures were taken on our trip to NYC!!)


e-Mom said...

I enjoyed your post! You two are really doing well spiritually. That's awesome!

Thanks for joining us for Marriage Monday, today Lesley.

Hugs, e-Mom ღ

Mac an Rothaich said...

Lovely and honest. Enjoy hearing about the daily ways you bring Jesus before your kids!