May 30, 2011

Jesse Min is 6 Years old!!! LOTS of PICTURES!

Six years ago on May 16th (US time) and May 17th (Korea time) a special lady gave birth to my precious little boy Jesse Min (Min Ho)! He was one of the best surprises ever and I thank God for him everyday! He keeps us and others laughing constantly and has the sweetest personality ever! Everybody knows Jesse! One thing that always makes me laugh is when I go to wash his clothes and find everything from cars to acorns to money! I even went to put his clothes up in his top drawer the other night only to find money and 8, yes I said 8, things of AX deodorant! Most are his older brothers but I am wondering if some could be Taylor's friends and Jesse steals them out of their bags!!!!! LOL!!! Never a dull moment with that boy!
I am blessed to be called his mommy!!!

This year he chose an outdoor movie party! We kept it small, which is SO much easier on my then a huge party. We invited about 7 little boys and here is that night in LOTS of pictures!!!

This party had hot dogs and popcorn but it also had a lot of sugar! MOVIE CANDY, SMORES and SODA!!! The kids loved it!!!

The pickles were a huge hit! The kids loved them!!!

I put my camera on action and it was so funny to see the pictures of the boys while jumping off the dive rock!

The the movie started! Some watched and a few decided to watch from the pool!

Happy 6th Birthday sweet boy....I hope you have a great year!! I love you!!!


Laura said...

that party looks truly adorable. Where do you find all of that stuff? Seriously the Hotdog wrapers and Popcorn tubs?? It looks as if it was a fun party for all.

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

OMGosh! Adorable! What a nice way to throw a party and I love all the little details you added. (Love the outdoor fireplace too!)