May 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Taylor and ME!!!!

Fifteen years ago today I brought home one of the best birthday presents you could have ever asked first baby boy! Taylor was born on May 14Th, 1996 at 6:30pm after being in labor for 17 hours! I took him home the next day on MY 23rd birthday. It was one of the best days of my life and scariest as we were SO young and now had a baby that WE HAD TO TAKE CARE OF!
While we aren't and haven't always been the perfect parents I think so far he's turned out to be a great young man. He has NEVER been in any kind of trouble at school and he makes good grades. He is somewhat of a homebody which I don't mind at all....I know where he is at all times. He chooses his friends wisely and makes good choices. I am so proud of him and pray that he grows up to be a man of God and has a happy life! Since his Dad and I were so young we tease Taylor and tell him that he was our guinea pig! Poor boy! Honestly, we did a pretty good job and will continue to do the best we can to grow him into the man God wants him to be! I love you so much Taylor.....I often feel sad to think you could be leaving home in three short years. Happy Birthday Sweet boy and thank you for always making my birthday special too!

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Christy said...

Happy birthday(s)! What a sweet little thing he was, and still is!