May 25, 2011

Going to Court......

Marc arrived in Haiti yesterday afternoon for a very important court date. This is just one step closer to getting our boy home! Praise God!
He spent some time yesterday evening playing with Vensly....I know that was special...Vensly had Daddy all to himself!

Marc, Dr. Bernard and Vensly are headed to court this morning. I had no idea that V would go with them or I would have packed a bag for him! Marc said they had him all dressed up and smelling good. One of the nannies went with them since Marc will be dropped off at the airport after court!
Here are my two guys all dressed up and headed to see the judge!

The bumpy car rides in Haiti seem to put V to sleep every time! I know Marc is eating that up....he loves for any of our kids to sleep on him. Sweet boy! It won't be long and you can sleep on us all the time!!

We are praying that this is the LAST time either of us will have to leave Haiti without taking Vensly home with us! Won't you pray that too?

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Christy said...

I have been spelling his name wrong! I am praying right along with you that Vensly joins your family for all the summer fun ahead!