May 10, 2011

The Best Birthday Present!

Today, in Haiti my boy celebrates his 2nd birthday! I pray he knows that in our heart we are celebrating with him! Happy Birthday sweet boy....mommy, daddy, Emily and your brothers all love you very much!
He is to little to understand but we just received the best birthday present we could ask for on his 2nd birthday....we are out of IBESR! For those of you that don't know that is HUGE....that is usually the longest wait for a Haitian adoption! God is so good....he knew the perfect present for Vensly. We are told to come to Haiti right away to see a judge! OMG...this is really happening...we really are going to MAYBE have our boy home by this summer!

Tomorrow I am going to let Noah and Jesse make V a birthday cake as it is our family night already so we will just say a little prayer for him and thank God for him and celebrate his two years on this earth!
Poor baby has been through more in two years then I have in my 37 years. He was born to a very poor mother and was very sick...then experienced a major earthquake and eventually given up! I just pray that his little heart knows that we can't wait for him to get here and we love him so much!

Happy Birthday Vensly....mommy and daddy will be seeing you in the next couple of weeks!
Please pray the judge finds favor with us and that the rest of the process is quick!

Soon enough you will get to play with YOUR ball that Hillary gave you and have all the cheerios you want and color all day long if you want! SOON baby boy SOON!!!


Sarah said...

Praying V gets to come home soon!

Christy said...

Yay! Yay! Yay! I am soooo happy to hear the great birthday news! It's really cool to see God answer prayers the way you were hoping and praying He would. :) Hope that makes sense. Can't wait to see him on our soil!