May 30, 2011

Jesse Min is 6 Years old!!! LOTS of PICTURES!

Six years ago on May 16th (US time) and May 17th (Korea time) a special lady gave birth to my precious little boy Jesse Min (Min Ho)! He was one of the best surprises ever and I thank God for him everyday! He keeps us and others laughing constantly and has the sweetest personality ever! Everybody knows Jesse! One thing that always makes me laugh is when I go to wash his clothes and find everything from cars to acorns to money! I even went to put his clothes up in his top drawer the other night only to find money and 8, yes I said 8, things of AX deodorant! Most are his older brothers but I am wondering if some could be Taylor's friends and Jesse steals them out of their bags!!!!! LOL!!! Never a dull moment with that boy!
I am blessed to be called his mommy!!!

This year he chose an outdoor movie party! We kept it small, which is SO much easier on my then a huge party. We invited about 7 little boys and here is that night in LOTS of pictures!!!

This party had hot dogs and popcorn but it also had a lot of sugar! MOVIE CANDY, SMORES and SODA!!! The kids loved it!!!

The pickles were a huge hit! The kids loved them!!!

I put my camera on action and it was so funny to see the pictures of the boys while jumping off the dive rock!

The the movie started! Some watched and a few decided to watch from the pool!

Happy 6th Birthday sweet boy....I hope you have a great year!! I love you!!!

May 26, 2011

Update on Court in Haiti......

Marc made it to Houston safe and sound this morning after a full day in Haiti yesterday with Vensly! He said it went great and that the judge was a very nice lady and just asked lots of questions about our family and our kids at home. She also asked why we wanted to adopt and would we love Vensly like our biological children. OF COURSE!!! How could you not love that little boy!!! He said it was really easy and she laughed and told him that she thought she would be seeing him again...WHAT??? As much as I would love to adopt them all you have to stop somewhere!!! :) She told Marc we would have our own basketball team!

Marc said they returned to Dr. Bernards office to give Vensly back to the nanny and he handed Vensly to her and told him bye and then went to the back to tell Dr. B bye and when he came back out Vensly spotted him and held his hands up to him and when Marc told him he had to leave but he would be back Vensly got upset and started crying! I can only imagine how hard that was for Marc and for Vensly! PRAYING that will be the last time he will be left behind.
The next step takes a couple of weeks they said and then they start applying for visas and passports! I PRAY that all goes quick so he can get home!!!!!

May 25, 2011

Going to Court......

Marc arrived in Haiti yesterday afternoon for a very important court date. This is just one step closer to getting our boy home! Praise God!
He spent some time yesterday evening playing with Vensly....I know that was special...Vensly had Daddy all to himself!

Marc, Dr. Bernard and Vensly are headed to court this morning. I had no idea that V would go with them or I would have packed a bag for him! Marc said they had him all dressed up and smelling good. One of the nannies went with them since Marc will be dropped off at the airport after court!
Here are my two guys all dressed up and headed to see the judge!

The bumpy car rides in Haiti seem to put V to sleep every time! I know Marc is eating that up....he loves for any of our kids to sleep on him. Sweet boy! It won't be long and you can sleep on us all the time!!

We are praying that this is the LAST time either of us will have to leave Haiti without taking Vensly home with us! Won't you pray that too?

May 23, 2011

Taking a Break......

I wanted to let you guys know that I am taking a break from blogging and facebook for a while. I still check facebook on my phone every now and then when I am sitting in car lines or whatever but I am trying not to do it at home...especially when my kids and husband are home! I just have felt like I am on the computer to much and have been neglecting important things because of it. I don't want my kids to grow up and remember me as being on the computer all the time!
I hope you won't stop being a blog follower of mine as I am still going to update when I have something to share or good to talk about.
I feel like God has been telling me for a while that I need to spend more time in His word and learning about Him so that is what I am going to do....that and enjoy my children this summer!

Pray for Marc as he leaves for Haiti tomorrow for court and continue to pray for Vensly's adoption process....that it is fast and he is home by the end of summer!!!!

Talk to yall soon!!!!

May 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Taylor and ME!!!!

Fifteen years ago today I brought home one of the best birthday presents you could have ever asked first baby boy! Taylor was born on May 14Th, 1996 at 6:30pm after being in labor for 17 hours! I took him home the next day on MY 23rd birthday. It was one of the best days of my life and scariest as we were SO young and now had a baby that WE HAD TO TAKE CARE OF!
While we aren't and haven't always been the perfect parents I think so far he's turned out to be a great young man. He has NEVER been in any kind of trouble at school and he makes good grades. He is somewhat of a homebody which I don't mind at all....I know where he is at all times. He chooses his friends wisely and makes good choices. I am so proud of him and pray that he grows up to be a man of God and has a happy life! Since his Dad and I were so young we tease Taylor and tell him that he was our guinea pig! Poor boy! Honestly, we did a pretty good job and will continue to do the best we can to grow him into the man God wants him to be! I love you so much Taylor.....I often feel sad to think you could be leaving home in three short years. Happy Birthday Sweet boy and thank you for always making my birthday special too!