Apr 18, 2011

Marriage Monday

Welcome back to Marriage Monday! I am linking up with Chrysalis Cafe this week!

Here are her questions to get the topic going.....
What key phrases have you found to be successful in promoting your husband's leadership?

Please go to her site and read her entry for today of promoting your husband's leadership. It's really good!

I don't really have any specific phrases for promoting his leadership but I do pray a lot for his leadership. Early in our marriage I always knew he was supposed to be the spiritual leader and I would try to force him with manipulation and nagging. I soon learned that him being the spiritual leader was something only God could do in him. So I tried to stay quiet and just pray for specific things. God has answered those prayers in a mighty way! My husband isn't perfect and he will tell you there are things he could do as a leader better but he is an amazing work in progress as am I as his wife and encourager.
I almost learned the hard way that the more you try to MAKE someone be a certain way the more they will RUN the other way. Try your best to live by example and as I say all the time PRAY!

I wanted to share another thing that my father in law said this weekend that I thought was really sweet and was really good for all married couples!
He said that when his guys at work confide in him that they are having difficulties with their wife he tells them to take 30 days and each morning when they wake up ask yourself "what can I do today to make my wife's day better?" He tells them that he promises after 30 days they will see a huge difference in their wife and their relationship! My in laws just celebrated 42 years so he must be on to something!
This is them with three of my kids.....they have 4 more grandkids not pictured and one more waiting to come home!

This is us before the Clay Walker concert! Marc has taken me to almost every Clay Walker concert he has in Houston! I love Clay....but now as much as I love my hubby!

This is one of my favorite pictures of us.....this was taken at my little brother's wedding! We had so much fun that night. It was an amazing wedding!

This man is crazy! MOST of our pictures of the two of us together he is acting crazy! I will say though that no one makes me laugh like he does......


Jackie said...

Those pictures make me laugh! I like the question that you shared from your father in law. What a big difference that can make for either spouse to ask that!

e-Mom said...

Love all your couple pictures... we have so few of just the two of us. It's wonderful that someone is always snapping pics of you.

Your FIL has some terrific advice, and points to the truth for all of us. When WE change, others often change in positive ways. But when we try to force change in others, they resist. As you said,

I almost learned the hard way that the more you try to MAKE someone be a certain way the more they will RUN the other way.

Self-control is empowering, and helps us to remove the log in our own eye first. Great reminders!!!!

Thanks for joining us for Marriage Monday at Chrysalis today, Lesley.

Hugs, e-Mom