Apr 17, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up!

(Sarah....I stole your title!)

We had a great weekend! Friday night hubby and I went out to eat with our good friends The Browns. We have so much fun together...even though they live two streets over life seems to get busy and we don't get to see each other as often so Friday was nice!

Saturday morning we got up early and went to a garage sale....I didn't find anything! I was disappointed! Afterwards we went to get breakfast tacos and went to a park with the kids and ate and let them play. Marc's parents went with us! It was such a beautiful morning...actually kind of chilly! Then we came home and sat outside by the pool at just talked. That brings me to the book we are reading in small group called Crazy Love! If you haven't read it....get it today! My hubby and I actually talked about the same thing we ended up reading later that night in Chapter 8. If you follow my blog then you know he has parked his heart for missions in Haiti! His life has been forever changed by the things he has seen and witnessed there. We discussed selling things that we have that are "extras" or what some my just call toys! Yesterday morning we were not agreeing as he wants to sell it all....I was just picturing this being the first step to us selling it all and moving to Haiti! That was not it at all though. The less things you have the more you can give. We are blessed enough to have those toys paid for but there are still things that we could pay off....like our house and cars. Imagine being TOTALLY debt free??? Imagine what that allows you to give. WOW! I will write more on that later......but that discussion was had a LOT this weekend!

Today we headed to church and it was a great service with communion. I love taking communion and what is symbolizes. We are so blessed to serve such a mighty God! We are blessed to serve the one that died for ALL of our sins. It reminded me of something I read in Crazy Love....he said "you should do for people that can never repay you....just like you can never repay Christ for what he did for us!" That is a powerful statement! We had a great small group meeting tonight where we decided that on Friday we are going downtown to give things to the homeless and share the Gospel. I am so excited as even though I have been to Haiti I don't get to do the missions stuff like hubby does. I have come to the realization that it's just not my time for missions in Haiti but I can sure do it right here in my backyard! Where is your heart parked for missions? Now I am turning it in....I am tired! It's a four day week for us and going to be busy! Check back tomorrow for Marriage Monday! Flashback photo....I love this picture! It was taken at a park when we only had Noah and Taylor! They both look so little and PRECIOUS!!!!

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