Apr 25, 2011

Missing that 5th Easter Basket!

As I was putting out the Easter baskets I was overcome with saddness that V won't be getting a visit from the Easter bunny! I am praying so hard that this is the last year he won't be getting a Easter basket. I thought about him last week when we took Emily to see the bunny....she LOVED him so much and I wondered if V would have loved him too. Probably not but maybe he wouldn't have been so scared if his sister was with him! I know this is my OCD but I even pictured how he would have been dressed. I would have coordinated them! :) (Marc would be rolling his eyes right now!) Well they are so close in age that they could practically be twins! LOL!

Speaking of outfits......
These were Noah's overalls and then passed to Jesse and now we passed them to Vensly! He looked adorable in them! I hope he likes to hunt with his Daddy and brothers!

I have prayed a lot since returning from Haiti and also have tried to do a lot of listening and I truely feel like I am not supposed to go back to Haiti for a while. As much as I love my time with Vensly it is just way to hard on him. It's hard on me to but I am an adult and know that I will be seeing him again....he doesn't understand ONE BIT! There was a big change in him this time from last time. He was shy last trip but very happy and warmed up so quickly to both of us and this time he was distant most of the time. He warmed up some on Wednesday and then Thursday morning we had to take him back and then to him we were just GONE....again!!!! My prayer is that he will be ready to come home by this summer....and that I will have to make one more final trip to Haiti to bring him home! (of course we are going to bring him back to Haiti a lot during his life!) Ask me in July if he's not home if I still feel this way......(Dear God...please bring him home quickly!)

I want you all to know that he is happy where he is....he LOVES his nannies and he is on a schedule that he doesn't seem to like to be off of. The truth is he doesn't know any different. He feels safe where he is and he has friends and he is truely cared for. I left there this time with peace in my heart! Even though his nannies and I couldn't communicate with words one of them hugged me and touched my face in a way where she assured me that he is taken care of and they love him! That warmed my heart and makes it easier.....

I pray every night that God makes V know that we love him and miss him very much!


Aleesa said...

{{Big Hug}}
Lesley, my heart hurts for you guys! Praying for you, Marc, and V.

Christy said...

Can't wait to see your family complete! Praying right now!