Apr 5, 2011

Happiness with a box of CRAYONS!

I look upstairs at my children's rooms and all the toys and stuff they have. Half of it gets played with but the other half never gets touched. Does that make them bad kids? Of course not! They don't know any different....they are normal children. In January I took some toys for V to play with and all he liked were two little match box cars...he carried them everywhere! He never put them down! Fast forward to this trip and he wanted NOTHING to do with the cars...he would actually throw them across the room and make a sound that sounded like NO! I don't blame him...those cars represented a week that we spent that was amazing...a week where he was loved on, cared for, doted on and didn't have to share us with any other child and then we were just gone...GONE! Who wouldn't be hurt beyond belief? After trying and trying to get him to play with something I finally got out a 99 cent box of crayons and he LOVED them! He spent hours dumping them out and putting them back in and a few times they were all right side up! My boy is smart! He isn't just another pretty face! :) I loved just sitting there watching him and photographing him..... Of everything I could have brought or bought for him he was happiest with a box of crayons. Makes you see it's the little things in life..... Is that one of the most precious set of little hands you have ever seen? I love to just look at them and kiss on them. It's funny as they are not soft like most babies....they are a little rougher. He loved for me to put lotion on him and especially his hands! I wish I could do it every morning and night for him until they are soft like they should be.


Britmom said...

We are taking lotion!
He is really a lovely little boy, I'm looking forward to getting to know him a little better next week.
I was thinking about how many people go and love our children, how wonderful that is, but also how confusing for them.
Things we would probably not encourage here or once they are home we are so grateful for in our absence.
The children are looking forward to sitting quietly and enjoying him, hopefully we will be able to bring home more pictures.. not as well taken as yours! I'm still trying to get the hang of my canon :0) but good enough :0)

Asha K. said...

Precious, precious pictures!! I just want to squeeze him!

Stacey said...

He is such a beautiful baby. You can never go wrong with crayons!

Hoots Momma said...

Leslie, I absolutly love the photo where little V is looking up at the camera. He is soooo precious. I can only see your blog at work so I can't look often, but I had to comment on this one!!! Love ya SAL