Apr 12, 2011

Goodwill find and DIY.......

This is the corner right to the right when you walk in my front door! I have always wanted to do the little pegs for backpacks and make it the kids corner for putting their stuff but I just couldn't make it work without spending a fortune SO yesterday I came up with a new idea and today it's done!

See this ugly shelf in the first picture....that is my Goodwill find yesterday....it was horrible and stinky but only $9.99 and I knew exactly where I was going to use it. So, I spray painted it black and started on my entry way corner that I have always hated!

I already had the baskets laying around the house with junk in them! They fit perfect!

My mom gave me the shelf....and I really am not crazy about the stars so I had those three little pots laying around so I painted them black and numbered them! I LOVE numbers and how it's so big in decorating now! I could just number everything!

This is all of it finished! I am still going to add some kind of tags on the baskets...I may use one basket for socks since we are always searching for socks in the morning!
My friend Christy gave me the bulletin board and I am still thinking of what to do on it. I want to find some cute push pins and either do pictures or our weekly schedule.
I think it turned out great and all for $9.99!


Stacey said...

You have inspired me... It looks great!

Christy said...