Apr 15, 2011

Chocolate Covered Friends!

Last night I went to "A Chocolate Affaire" fundraising event for our local Christian Women's Job Corp and it was so fun! We got to sample a TON of different chocolate confections and desserts and then we voted on our favorites! There were vendors set up selling things and a great fashion show from a local boutique here in Baytown called All about You! The best thing was there were lots of friends together sharing lots of laughs and maybe a few tears! The speaker was awesome and so funny! Her name is Karen Porter and she had some really good tips on how to be a great friend! I wish I would have taken notes so I could go back daily and remember those things she said. One thing that stuck out to a lot of us is when you have a friend that is going through a hard time a great thing to say to them is "I may not know how you are feeling but I certainly care how you are feeling"! That is a great statement and so true during those times! Karen's latest book is called "I'll Bring the Chocolate"....and after all the excitement last night I forgot to go and buy it and have her sign it. I can't wait to order it thought! I did learn that when I think of sweet things I should do for my friends I need to ACTUALLY do them and not just think about it. I am going to be better at that. I am also going to be better at reviving friendships that I have not kept up with becaue of life just being busy. Everyone has 5 minutes to text or email someone and tell them you are praying for them or thinking about them. You never know how that might impact that person that day! I am going to be better at asking friends to lunch...even if it's just here at my house. After all when the going gets tough....your true girlfriends are going to be there for you! I am blessed to say that it a fact! So to all of you that are my "chocolate covered friends"....I love you and am thankful for you in my life! Ps...tonight I was blessed enough to actually get to talk to and get to know better a friend that I go to church with but NEVER get to talk to in person! We both blog and talk on facebook but its so much better to laugh together and talk in person! Thank you Asha....my REAL chocolate covered friend!!!! :)

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