Apr 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday!

That is my oldest son Taylor on the left.....when did that happen? He's almost a man!

Apr 26, 2011

Family Night.....movie!

This week for our family movie night we watched "The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry" and it was so cute! Such a great message.

Christian actor Kirk Cameron said, "The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry moved me with its message of eternity and how one faithful man can make a difference in the lives of many. I recommend this inspiring movie for any family to watch together."

I bought it for $5 at a Christian bookstore and it was perfect for our family night!

Our whole family liked it and my boys range in age from 5 to 15......

Apr 25, 2011

Missing that 5th Easter Basket!

As I was putting out the Easter baskets I was overcome with saddness that V won't be getting a visit from the Easter bunny! I am praying so hard that this is the last year he won't be getting a Easter basket. I thought about him last week when we took Emily to see the bunny....she LOVED him so much and I wondered if V would have loved him too. Probably not but maybe he wouldn't have been so scared if his sister was with him! I know this is my OCD but I even pictured how he would have been dressed. I would have coordinated them! :) (Marc would be rolling his eyes right now!) Well they are so close in age that they could practically be twins! LOL!

Speaking of outfits......
These were Noah's overalls and then passed to Jesse and now we passed them to Vensly! He looked adorable in them! I hope he likes to hunt with his Daddy and brothers!

I have prayed a lot since returning from Haiti and also have tried to do a lot of listening and I truely feel like I am not supposed to go back to Haiti for a while. As much as I love my time with Vensly it is just way to hard on him. It's hard on me to but I am an adult and know that I will be seeing him again....he doesn't understand ONE BIT! There was a big change in him this time from last time. He was shy last trip but very happy and warmed up so quickly to both of us and this time he was distant most of the time. He warmed up some on Wednesday and then Thursday morning we had to take him back and then to him we were just GONE....again!!!! My prayer is that he will be ready to come home by this summer....and that I will have to make one more final trip to Haiti to bring him home! (of course we are going to bring him back to Haiti a lot during his life!) Ask me in July if he's not home if I still feel this way......(Dear God...please bring him home quickly!)

I want you all to know that he is happy where he is....he LOVES his nannies and he is on a schedule that he doesn't seem to like to be off of. The truth is he doesn't know any different. He feels safe where he is and he has friends and he is truely cared for. I left there this time with peace in my heart! Even though his nannies and I couldn't communicate with words one of them hugged me and touched my face in a way where she assured me that he is taken care of and they love him! That warmed my heart and makes it easier.....

I pray every night that God makes V know that we love him and miss him very much!

Apr 18, 2011

Marriage Monday

Welcome back to Marriage Monday! I am linking up with Chrysalis Cafe this week!

Here are her questions to get the topic going.....
What key phrases have you found to be successful in promoting your husband's leadership?

Please go to her site and read her entry for today of promoting your husband's leadership. It's really good!

I don't really have any specific phrases for promoting his leadership but I do pray a lot for his leadership. Early in our marriage I always knew he was supposed to be the spiritual leader and I would try to force him with manipulation and nagging. I soon learned that him being the spiritual leader was something only God could do in him. So I tried to stay quiet and just pray for specific things. God has answered those prayers in a mighty way! My husband isn't perfect and he will tell you there are things he could do as a leader better but he is an amazing work in progress as am I as his wife and encourager.
I almost learned the hard way that the more you try to MAKE someone be a certain way the more they will RUN the other way. Try your best to live by example and as I say all the time PRAY!

I wanted to share another thing that my father in law said this weekend that I thought was really sweet and was really good for all married couples!
He said that when his guys at work confide in him that they are having difficulties with their wife he tells them to take 30 days and each morning when they wake up ask yourself "what can I do today to make my wife's day better?" He tells them that he promises after 30 days they will see a huge difference in their wife and their relationship! My in laws just celebrated 42 years so he must be on to something!
This is them with three of my kids.....they have 4 more grandkids not pictured and one more waiting to come home!

This is us before the Clay Walker concert! Marc has taken me to almost every Clay Walker concert he has in Houston! I love Clay....but now as much as I love my hubby!

This is one of my favorite pictures of us.....this was taken at my little brother's wedding! We had so much fun that night. It was an amazing wedding!

This man is crazy! MOST of our pictures of the two of us together he is acting crazy! I will say though that no one makes me laugh like he does......

Apr 17, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up!

(Sarah....I stole your title!)

We had a great weekend! Friday night hubby and I went out to eat with our good friends The Browns. We have so much fun together...even though they live two streets over life seems to get busy and we don't get to see each other as often so Friday was nice!

Saturday morning we got up early and went to a garage sale....I didn't find anything! I was disappointed! Afterwards we went to get breakfast tacos and went to a park with the kids and ate and let them play. Marc's parents went with us! It was such a beautiful morning...actually kind of chilly! Then we came home and sat outside by the pool at just talked. That brings me to the book we are reading in small group called Crazy Love! If you haven't read it....get it today! My hubby and I actually talked about the same thing we ended up reading later that night in Chapter 8. If you follow my blog then you know he has parked his heart for missions in Haiti! His life has been forever changed by the things he has seen and witnessed there. We discussed selling things that we have that are "extras" or what some my just call toys! Yesterday morning we were not agreeing as he wants to sell it all....I was just picturing this being the first step to us selling it all and moving to Haiti! That was not it at all though. The less things you have the more you can give. We are blessed enough to have those toys paid for but there are still things that we could pay off....like our house and cars. Imagine being TOTALLY debt free??? Imagine what that allows you to give. WOW! I will write more on that later......but that discussion was had a LOT this weekend!

Today we headed to church and it was a great service with communion. I love taking communion and what is symbolizes. We are so blessed to serve such a mighty God! We are blessed to serve the one that died for ALL of our sins. It reminded me of something I read in Crazy Love....he said "you should do for people that can never repay you....just like you can never repay Christ for what he did for us!" That is a powerful statement! We had a great small group meeting tonight where we decided that on Friday we are going downtown to give things to the homeless and share the Gospel. I am so excited as even though I have been to Haiti I don't get to do the missions stuff like hubby does. I have come to the realization that it's just not my time for missions in Haiti but I can sure do it right here in my backyard! Where is your heart parked for missions? Now I am turning it in....I am tired! It's a four day week for us and going to be busy! Check back tomorrow for Marriage Monday! Flashback photo....I love this picture! It was taken at a park when we only had Noah and Taylor! They both look so little and PRECIOUS!!!!

Apr 15, 2011

Chocolate Covered Friends!

Last night I went to "A Chocolate Affaire" fundraising event for our local Christian Women's Job Corp and it was so fun! We got to sample a TON of different chocolate confections and desserts and then we voted on our favorites! There were vendors set up selling things and a great fashion show from a local boutique here in Baytown called All about You! The best thing was there were lots of friends together sharing lots of laughs and maybe a few tears! The speaker was awesome and so funny! Her name is Karen Porter and she had some really good tips on how to be a great friend! I wish I would have taken notes so I could go back daily and remember those things she said. One thing that stuck out to a lot of us is when you have a friend that is going through a hard time a great thing to say to them is "I may not know how you are feeling but I certainly care how you are feeling"! That is a great statement and so true during those times! Karen's latest book is called "I'll Bring the Chocolate"....and after all the excitement last night I forgot to go and buy it and have her sign it. I can't wait to order it thought! I did learn that when I think of sweet things I should do for my friends I need to ACTUALLY do them and not just think about it. I am going to be better at that. I am also going to be better at reviving friendships that I have not kept up with becaue of life just being busy. Everyone has 5 minutes to text or email someone and tell them you are praying for them or thinking about them. You never know how that might impact that person that day! I am going to be better at asking friends to lunch...even if it's just here at my house. After all when the going gets tough....your true girlfriends are going to be there for you! I am blessed to say that it a fact! So to all of you that are my "chocolate covered friends"....I love you and am thankful for you in my life! Ps...tonight I was blessed enough to actually get to talk to and get to know better a friend that I go to church with but NEVER get to talk to in person! We both blog and talk on facebook but its so much better to laugh together and talk in person! Thank you Asha....my REAL chocolate covered friend!!!! :)

Apr 12, 2011

Goodwill find and DIY.......

This is the corner right to the right when you walk in my front door! I have always wanted to do the little pegs for backpacks and make it the kids corner for putting their stuff but I just couldn't make it work without spending a fortune SO yesterday I came up with a new idea and today it's done!

See this ugly shelf in the first picture....that is my Goodwill find yesterday....it was horrible and stinky but only $9.99 and I knew exactly where I was going to use it. So, I spray painted it black and started on my entry way corner that I have always hated!

I already had the baskets laying around the house with junk in them! They fit perfect!

My mom gave me the shelf....and I really am not crazy about the stars so I had those three little pots laying around so I painted them black and numbered them! I LOVE numbers and how it's so big in decorating now! I could just number everything!

This is all of it finished! I am still going to add some kind of tags on the baskets...I may use one basket for socks since we are always searching for socks in the morning!
My friend Christy gave me the bulletin board and I am still thinking of what to do on it. I want to find some cute push pins and either do pictures or our weekly schedule.
I think it turned out great and all for $9.99!

Apr 9, 2011

Happy 20 month Birthday Emily Grace!

I can't believe you are about to be two! WOW...how life is passing by so fast! Just in the last week you have started say so many things. Your favorite thing to say is JESSE! You love your brother Jesse!!!! You want to do everything he does and go everywhere he goes. He loves you too....he is so patient with you and so sweet with you!

You love when your Daddy comes home from work. You RUN to the door while screaming DADDY!!!!! Other cute things you say are: Was sat? (What's that?) Where go? (Where did it go?) Gimme? (I WANT IT NOW!) bothle (Bottle!) Nummy Nummy (when we are about to eat or you are hungry!) FOOD! You say that perfect! Buss (Buzz...from Toy Story!) I am sure there are many more. One of the sweetest things you do is dance...you take your daddy's hand and my hand and you make us dance together or with you. Sweetest thing ever!
I am so thankful to have you for my little girl and I pray God's protection and will over your life always!
You are such a joy to spend each day with and I love you so much!

I am so glad you loved your very first day at the beach! You loved the sand, shovels and buckets! I loved watching you and your brothers play....I am a blessed mother!

Apr 6, 2011

Sometimes God Allows Special People to Cross Your Path...

(this story is told only after having permission from all parties.)

Last week in Haiti, God brought some really special people into our lives and one happens to sing like an angel and have a real heart for Christ and for the people of Haiti. Her name is Hillary and even though the best part of her is her love for others and her love for God she also happens to be an award winning singer with the country music group Lady Antebellum! Marc had arrived in Haiti on Thursday with a really small team with BGM. Hillary and her friend Graham were part of that team. Hillary and Graham have a close friend that gave them a basketball to take to Haiti. He told them to give it to the shyest boy in the group of kids. When they walked in a little boy was standing in the corner and they knew immediately that he was to have the ball....... Fast forward to later in theday when they were at the creche with Marc and asked him to introduce them to his son. Marc picked up Vensly and they couldn't believe that he was the one they had said would get the ball! What a God thing! They had no idea that Vensly was Marc's son!

Below is Vensly with another special friend Kelly that we met this week and he is holding the ball that Hillary gave to him! Very special and I can't wait for him to get home and be able to play with it all the time!!!

I love this picture even though it's a little blurry! I love how when you do that to him he just screams and laughs! So precious! He is so blessed to have so many people love him already! I know that we will forever be friends.... As you can see he LOVES his new basketball!!! Thank you so much Hillary for your thoughtfulness and love for us and our son! I can't wait to tell him about it one day...and about you!

This story was told with permission from Hillary......

Apr 5, 2011

Happiness with a box of CRAYONS!

I look upstairs at my children's rooms and all the toys and stuff they have. Half of it gets played with but the other half never gets touched. Does that make them bad kids? Of course not! They don't know any different....they are normal children. In January I took some toys for V to play with and all he liked were two little match box cars...he carried them everywhere! He never put them down! Fast forward to this trip and he wanted NOTHING to do with the cars...he would actually throw them across the room and make a sound that sounded like NO! I don't blame him...those cars represented a week that we spent that was amazing...a week where he was loved on, cared for, doted on and didn't have to share us with any other child and then we were just gone...GONE! Who wouldn't be hurt beyond belief? After trying and trying to get him to play with something I finally got out a 99 cent box of crayons and he LOVED them! He spent hours dumping them out and putting them back in and a few times they were all right side up! My boy is smart! He isn't just another pretty face! :) I loved just sitting there watching him and photographing him..... Of everything I could have brought or bought for him he was happiest with a box of crayons. Makes you see it's the little things in life..... Is that one of the most precious set of little hands you have ever seen? I love to just look at them and kiss on them. It's funny as they are not soft like most babies....they are a little rougher. He loved for me to put lotion on him and especially his hands! I wish I could do it every morning and night for him until they are soft like they should be.