Mar 9, 2011

Surprise! Vensly Pics..... and a Thank You!

First I would like to thank Lyndsie at A Love Worth Waiting For for asking us to share our story with her readers! I hope it leads someone to pursue adoption. You should read Lyndsie's story....her story is my prayer for my children. That is how God designed marriage! What an inspiration to others. Not to mention that her and her husband look like they should be in a magazine or in Hollywood!

I was so happy to come home yesterday evening to find these pictures waiting on me! What a blessing to have so many people go and love on our babies and be able to send us pictures! I was so thrilled and thankful that he is happy! I think its because I pray every single day that God gives him a peace and joy in knowing that he has a family that loves him and is waiting on him to come home!
We are going to visit him again in a couple of weeks and I can't wait!!

I am praying that God moves in a mighty way and that they all come home quickly and I am excited to one day have a huge reunion for all of them. I want them to remain friends forever! I know they will all miss each other after they leave the Creche.

How can someone so small have such a huge appetite? This boy can put away the food! I better start stocking up on cheerios now for our trip!

I love this look he is giving in this picture! That is the look he gives when he wants to do something he's not supposed to. He also would give that look when Marc would chase him around the room and he would hide and peek out with that look!
My mom and I both think blue is his color he precious or what?


Daniel said...

Oh Lesley, He is so cute. I do believe all of the prayers are reaching his heart. I also believe he know how much you love him. That week you spent with him reassured him that he has a mother that loves him so very much. I pray for you and him several times a day and know others do also and the Lord is protecting him. Have so much fun in a couple of weeks.

Daniel said...

Oh sorry I was in Daniel's account.
Love Ya!