Mar 14, 2011

Party Planning.....Movie Night!

Jesse will turn 6 in May and wants to have an outdoor movie party! I thought that was a great the party planning is in full swing!

First, the most important part....the screen! Marc worked really hard on our outdoor kitchen and seating area. This is where they will watch the movie!

The boys got this popcorn machine for Christmas so we have that part covered. I love these little plastic popcorn holders. I have seen them at Target and the dollar store.

Invitations.....I love these invitations! Between these two I can't wait to see what my brother comes up with. He makes all my invitations and he is SO GOOD!

You all know how I LOVE cupcake toppers!

Look at these cupcakes! MAYBE if I start practicing now I could make these? I love them all!


Laura said...

I think Jesse has the right idea, outdoor movie party sounds awesome. :)

lindsay said...

I think the popcorn bucket cupcakes are adorable and those don't look too hard to make!

The Coffey Family said...

I agree that the popcorn cupcakes are too cute and look super easy...but if you decide to do the other ones my friend Momo Foster makes awesome cupcakes

Amber said...

OMG how adorable!! Such a cute theme. I am going to save some of these ideas.
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