Feb 3, 2011

Question and Answers......Part One

I found a new blog today that I have so enjoyed reading and she has a section with questions that people have asked her and her answers. Pretty neat and what a great way to get to know her when you are new to the blog. She has a ton of followers so I am sure she gets tons of questions a day and while I don't get that many I do get some. So I will take that time today to answer some that I have gotten....they are totally random...from decorating to my marriage to my family and the most are about adoption!
I will answer a few today and continue the next couple of days.....

Anyone that knows me knows that I love to decorate my house and am constantly redoing my kids rooms. I am asked a lot where I buy things for my house.

I buy most things for my house at Hobby Lobby. I never buy anything there unless it's on sale. If something isn't on sale this week most likely it will be next week. I love Marshall's and Ross and occasionally TJ Maxx. I also go to Goodwill and redo and paint stuff from there. I love browsing the dollar stores too. I get most of my ideas from blogs and magazines!

Where do you buy Emily's clothes?

Everywhere! My mom buys a LOT of them. My aunt has a shop in the hill country that sells baby clothes and she also sews like no ones business!!! My mom is also learning to sew. I love Target and even Wal-Mart has cute things for little girls. I love anything smocked and am very blessed that Emily was handed down about 30 handmade smocked dresses from my aunt. I have learned that you don't have to spend a lot of money to dress girls cute!

What does your husband do? Is he a policeman?

I get this one all the time....I think someone just asked me this question this week on Facebook.
Yes, Marc is a licensed police officer but does not do it full time....He reserves (does not get paid) for the City of Galena Park. He works at the police department several times a month working a patrol shift. Being a reserve officer is Marc's way of "giving back to the community" for having been blessed in his profession.

Marc's "real" job, the one that pays him, is with Texas Steam, an industrial engineering and equipment company in which he is Executive Vice President. He actually holds this title for three companies across the gulf coast that are under one umbrella but he offices out of the Texas office. He is the hardest working man I know! He literally started out in a warehouse of another company sweeping and doing grunt work when he was 19 (we had been married for 3 months at that time)and then worked his way into outside sales and quickly became their number 1 salesman. Soon after he was offered a job with the company he works for now. One year into that job he was running the company and now, 8 years later and late nights at school, he is Vice President. To say I am proud of him would be an understatement. He is the smartest person in the world to me and I am amazed at him all the time.

Why were you guys not able to have more biological children? How did you get pregnant with Taylor?

I know a lot of people don't like to really discuss their infertility as it is really personal but we have never been embarrassed or reluctant to talk about it. In our situation Marc is the one that was infertile, and I say WAS because we have Emily now. We don't know why or what caused it but we suspect it could have been when he had Mono and got REALLY sick soon after we had Taylor but aren't for sure. Lots of things can cause men to be infertile. We never felt led to find out.
The doctor says that if Marc was that way when we were trying to get pregnant with Taylor then he has no idea how we got pregnant with him. We do though.....
PRAYER! Marc's parents had lost a son a year before we got married and were still so raw from all of that while we were trying to get pregnant. We immediately started trying to get pregnant after we got married. We tried for 8 months and a month before I found out I was pregnant his parents and us went to San Antonio for the weekend and went into this beautiful church, lit a candle and the four of us prayed for us to have a baby. A month later his mother got a magazine in the mail that had a blond hair blue eyed little boy on the front and she said the Lord told her I was pregnant and what do you know??? I WAS! We soon welcomed a blond hair blue eyed baby boy named Brian "Taylor" and he was born three days before his Uncle Brian's birthday and one day before mine. (Uncle Brian was Marc's brother that passed away!) To say this baby boy and now teenager was and still is rotten is an understatement! I do know he was a gift of healing for Marc's family and a gift of joy for mine!

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