Feb 21, 2011

Marriage Monday......"Time Together"

I think it's very important to find something that the two of you like to do together. Something without your kids! When we were first married we didn't have the money to go out to eat or do anything that cost money so we loved to just get in the car and "ride around". We would go to Sonic and get a drink and then just ride around and dream about where we would one day build our dream house! We did lots of dreaming then.

Of course kids came along...one after the other and we kind of forgot how to be "Marc and Lesley" and just became "Mom and Dad".

This was us right after I had Taylor....WOW!!! We have aged A LOT!

We later....much later....learned the hard way that you must take time for each other. We started having regular date nights and you can't believe how much it helped our relationship! We realized that we are still that "Marc and Lesley the couple" and not just "Mom and Dad".

This was just two kids later.....we aged a little in this picture! This was one of the first times we left our kids with a babysitter and not grandparents. They survived! And we had a great time!!

BUT...the best thing we do together is riding motorcycles! I LOVE IT! Marc bought a Harley and before I got pregnant with Emily we would ride a lot...sometimes with other people and sometimes by ourselves. We haven't gotten to do that a lot since Emily's been born but I plan on changing that this spring!

This was a great day....we went to eat and just spent the day together riding the motorcycle!

We also like to travel together and with our friends. I used to never leave my kids for long periods of time like that but I soon learned that they were well taken care of and that we needed that time away! We have some great memories and I look forward to seeing more places with my hubby!

I hope you find that thing you like to do with your mate!!!


Sara said...

I totally agree!! Our relationship should last a lot longer than we have small children in our home. We will always be parents but we have to have things in common after the children. If we put each other on hold for 18 years their will be no us, just me and him. I cherish my friendship with Daniel and it makes for a great family life. It is a great example for our girls.

Christy said...

I used to think Taylor looked exactly like Marc, but seeing the first photo in this post changed my mind. He looks JUST like you! AND Marc! Amazing! I totally agree with your thoughts on dating your spouse. In the blink of an eye the kiddos are gone, and if you don't invest in your relationship together, it will be bad news once the kids are gone.

Jackie said...

I am a STRONG believer in spending time with just our husband. (Plus I always love an excuse to travel) It really makes a huge difference int the marriage. I remember hearing a pastor years ago say that he did not want to look at his wife one day and think, who is this woman? That has stuck with me always!! Glad ya'll have time to spend just the two of you! Thanks for the great reminders!!!

e-Mom said...

Awesome! Playing together is SO important. Loved your photos... you two look GREAT.

BTW, I put up an informal Marriage Monday linky at Chrysalis this week. You're invited to link up any time until midnight on Wednesady (tonight!)

Blessings, e-Mom ღ