Feb 14, 2011

Marriage Monday and a Winner!!!

The winner of the Love for a Lifetime book is.....

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The Coffey Family! (Kazen and Tina actually go to my church! Congrats girlie....you will love the book!)

Now on to Marriage Monday on this beautiful valentines day!

I saw this phrase one day while searching through marriage blogs and thought to myself how true it is....

Make graciousness a habit.

I thought that was a really good statement.....

Compliment him on the things that you know matter to him...encourage him often...
give soft touches throughout the day...kiss him often...be patient even when it's not always easy to be patient...choose your words carefully....and make your home a sanctuary for him to come home to each day....make it a soft place to land after a hard day at work (that can be really challenging when you have children but he will know if you just try!)
Remember, God made you to be a fair and gentle lady!

Here are some other things I read that I thought were really good....I added my own thoughts too!

1. Choose to trust his decisions.
(Your husband is the head of the household....he should be the spiritual leader and he should be the ultimate decision maker. We have a pact that if we don't both have peace about something then we don't do it. But on little things or things that we have to make a decision and a lot of parenting decisions are up to him. That is Biblical.)

2. Trust the Holy Spirit. God is a better negotiator than we could ever hope to become.
As wives, we must learn the delicate balance between our incredible influence
and our sinful desire to manipulate and coerce our husband’s actions. (I agreed with all of this....couldn't have said anything better.)

3. Learn when to remain silent.
Remember, tame your tongue. Galatians 5:15 says,
“Watch out if you continually pick at one another you may end up devouring one another.” (Totally agree with this one....I have learned when I get angry that I will pray about it before I talk to him otherwise I just jump down his throat and it never ends well. I am a total believer in you have to pick your battles!)

Let me end by saying that we are still learning too....that is why I continue to study what makes a good marriage. We are only human and have our weak moments!

My husband said something not to long ago that stuck with me as we were talking about the book "Every Women's Battle" that I was reading. In the book it talks about how we as wives are constantly comparing our husband's to other husbands that we "think" are perfect. I know I can do that sometimes....I have tried harder not to but I know sometimes I still do. He said he knew who's husband I would want him to be more like (btw...his wife reads my blog and I told her so it's no secret! LOL!) and he said that he tries to take little things from him or other men that he sees as good husbands and learns from them! I thought that was really good! Boy have we come a long way.....but I love learning more! I hope you do too!!!


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Good stuff Lesley! I like your marriage Mondays! So many important points to remember. Oh, and he is close to perfect!!! : )