Feb 10, 2011

Happy 18 month Birthday Emily Grace!

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I got Emily all dressed in her new dress and white lace leggings and she looked like a doll! I was going to do her pictures so she was playing QUIETLY while I got my camera ready. When I found her she has colored her whole self and her new white leggings with RED sharpie!!! YES SHARPIE!!!! So, I will just add some of my favorites! I will try again with new pictures this weekend.
These are in order backwards and I only picked a few because I have a ton of pictures of her. She is just to stinkin' cute not to photograph all the time!

Emily...I can't believe that it was a year and a half ago that I gave birth to you. That is just crazy. I get sad every month around this time as time is just going by way to fast!
Your new favorite word is YES! We can ask you anything and you will say with a big smile and a lot of enthusiasm "YES"!
You watch Toy Story OVER AND OVER!! You love Woody and have a little woody figurine that you carry around. You also love to say "What's that?" It is so cute!
Sometime you will just sit with your arms crossed and talk to us like you are a grown up and of course we don't know anything you are saying! :) I love it!
Each morning when I get you up and out of your bed you crawl over to daddy and lay your head on his and say "Hi Daddy"....I know you melt his heart every morning. Your hair is getting so long....we can almost do a ponytail. You weigh 27lbs and are 33 inches long. You love to dance! You grab our hands and hum a sweet little tune and make us all dance with you. So sweet!
I pray over you everyday sweet girl. I pray for your health, your safety, your future friends and teachers and I pray for His will over your life! I want nothing but the best for you and I love you all the way to the moon and back. Maybe even more!

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Aleesa said...

You didn't take a picture of her dressed up in Sharpies!?! I would LOVE to see that. And the look on your face when you found her!