Jan 23, 2011

Vensly....then and now!

This video is first time Marc laid eyes on Vensly! He said he knew from right then that he was our son. We didn't know this at the time but he had pneumonia and was very sick.
Marc came home and told me about him and we prayed about it and both knew without a doubt that he was our son. Still a little worried about him being so lathargic the whole time Marc was there we just prayed! We prayed that he was healthy....not only physically but also mentally. We knew that being in an orphanage he would be somewhat behind but of course we would do anything he needed once he is home. We still will! BUT....we have prayed over this little boy so much the last 6 months since Marc meeting him and will continue to for the rest of his life!

Here he is now....this picture was the morning we had to leave him! He was in the best mood that morning....so playful and sweet! Have I said how much I miss him?? A LOT!
Let me tell you that the baby boy today is totally different than the baby in the above video. He is smart and while at first I thought he acted younger then Emily....by the end of trip he is very much on target for his age. He eats with a fork bigger than his head and doesn't make a mess! He knows where his ears, eyes, mouth, nose and head is. He sings songs and tries to talk! Of course he speaks creole but I know he is saying something! By the end of the week God revealed that our prayers are working so please join me in praying for him for the rest of the time he is there. (I also pray that will be SOON!)

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