Jan 12, 2011

My Trip to Haiti.....Thursday and Friday!

I am going to post only one or two days at a time as it could be really long!
(This is all copied from my journal that I wrote in while in Haiti so it may not even make sense sometimes and some things may be totally random but it's my trip in my words and thoughts!)

Thursday- We got up at 3am this morning in order to get to the airport by 6am to catch our flight to Miami and then on to Haiti. I was very excited but very worried and felt extremely guilty for leaving my other children to go to a country that I knew nothing about and that is in a state of devastation and other things right now. Was I being a responsible parent by going? I knew they were in great hands but it was just the fear of the unknown!
We made it to Haiti and on the way off the plane we met up with Brent Gambrell and Mike & Missy Wilson. It was an instant friendship! They are the most real, honest, funny and Godly people and I instantly knew we were blessed to have them in our lives! (As I write this now I know that those three will be forever friends of ours....God blessed us by bringing them into our lives!)
So we go through customs and head out of the airport....the five of us! The airport was actually nice...not what I had expected. Luckily our baggage was all there so we headed out to the van and then...the chaos began! Men EVERYWHERE wanting to help you with your bags. Pitiful....luckily I wasn't by myself or it would have taken me 3 hours and a LOT of ones to get through that crowd!
We first were headed to Dr. Bernard's office....he is the owner of The Bethel House where we are staying and he owns the orphanage where Vensly is. They are all on the same grounds. On the way to the office I couldn't even take it all in....it was overwhelming. Very unreal....devastation, sadness, terrible smells, chaos, lots of cars everywhere, trash, lots of rubble, lots of people selling "stuff", some smiling faces, mostly faces of survival, lots of kids playing and laughing, and so much more! I would try to make eye contact with the women I would see while the car was stopped and occasionally I would get a smile back but not often! Sad....
We got to Dr. B's office to pick him up and all of his workers were so gracious and gave us chairs to sit down and a coke. The office worked like an office in the 70's. It was neat to sit there and watch them go through so many dossiers. They all want to get the babies home as bad as we want them home. Dr. B especially!
Then we head to the Giant Store and oh my gosh it was nice! We bought only a few things, including the Horizon organic milk that I feed Emily at home, and it was $37...that is more then some people here make in a month. Wow!
Finally, we meet our little guy! I was expecting a stinky, dirty but cute little boy but when they brought him up to me they handed me a TINY baby boy that was dressed in his Sunday best and smelled SO GOOD...he is precious!
He is so sad and shy....maybe that is just his survival face? I am now writing on Friday about my day on Thursday....I have yet to hear him cry. He is a perfect little baby but he is just not sure about us though. He does a LOT of staring. I put him down last night and he slept from 9 until 8:15 this morning. He then woke up drenched in urine, and with very little water I didn't know what to do. So, I got him all bathed and clean and put on some clean clothes. I washed his jammies and ONE sheet with baby shampoo with very little water....it was not easy but I did it! I didn't need my fancy red washer and dryer to get his stuff clean. I hung everything out on my balcony to dry in the sun. I suddenly became very thankful for my washer and dryer and the numerous sheet and blankets we have at home! (But wondering....do we really need all that??)

Going to bed that night I thought to myself if I just had my kids at home here with us all would be perfect in the world!

Friday- by today when I walk into the bathroom or into another room where he can't see me he makes a loud noise....not a cry just a loud noise! I think he may actually be starting to like me! :)
We brought him a stuffed animal and Jesse gave him two hot wheel cars and he doesn't really care for the lamb yet but he LOVES the fire truck and car! He doesn't put the cars down. He eats anything I give him....except raisins. Loves the cookies and cheerios. I think he's very hungry....not starving but just VERY hungry! :( He constantly keeps a cookie in his hand. Earlier I was cleaning the bathroom and washing more clothes and I turned to check on him (he was sitting in his crib playing with his cars) and he had finished his cookie and was eating each TINY little crumb from his hands and on the bed....every last bit! BROKE MY HEART! (Emily most times has a cookie or cracker for each hand!) First cry for me!
We just returned from lunch. Here they make your lunch, set the table very nice and then come and tell you it's ready. When you are done you actually leave your plate on the table. THAT took some getting used to! I have noodle with a sauce on it. It was like ramen noodles...pretty good! V had rice with mystery sauce that was pitch black on it but he LOVED it and ate it up!
His stomach is hurting pretty bad I think a he starts to stiffen up and roll around groaning. His nose constantly has snot down it and he has a terrible chest cough. If we were home he would for sure be on antibiotics or even breathing treatments. He hasn't had a dirty diaper yet! He is almost two and seems so much younger then Emily. Right now he LOVES for me to tickle his feet.
I just turned on the ceiling fan and he is saying something and hasn't taken his eyes off of it. I am assuming he has never seen a fan before!
He is enjoying playing in the crib with his cars and he holds them under his neck sometimes....so funny! He's cooing and talking right now....I think he is warming up to me and starting to trust me. He seems more relaxed! We are waiting on Daddy to get back....he, Brent, Mike and Missy are doing a rice feeding in Canez today. Usually a team does it so it probably goes faster but today it's just the four of them and Peno! I know Marc is so enjoying being back there......

Well they finally made it back to the house after dark, which Dr. B does NOT like! He likes everyone in before dark....especially if you are white!!! LOL!!! That is what he said! That man is so funny!
We are dinner, visited with everyone for a while, came back to the room and put V to bed and we crashed! Early morning for Marc....and lots of playing for me and V tomorrow!
I can't quiet figure out why yet and maybe it's the lack of things to occupy your time that could be spent talking to God and reading His word but I feel His presence so much here in Haiti. Read my Bible while he napped and played today. The quiet was nice!

(More to come......)


shellandjim said...

Proud of you for putting it in words---you did good!

Sara said...

Lesley, I love this. You are the strongest woman I know. I love you!!

Hoots Momma said...

keep it commimg girl!

Christy said...

Thank you for sharing your trip with us. Looking forward to the next entry.

Had and Linds said...

Thanks for sharing! I think the black rice is from these black mushrooms there-- I thought that was so good. Our three year old ate like crazy the first three days we were with him-- when we visited the creche the nannies were laughing at his big round belly! Then, he kind of slowed down and paced himself-- I don't think the kids are used to access to food like that. We brought a water bottle and he LOVED that. I was sorry to hear he had a cold/cough and they gave you Advil-- I brought TONS of children's cough and flu medicine down at Christmas. Both traditional medicines and homeopathics. Enjoying all your stories and your FAITH. =)