Jan 15, 2011

My trip to Haiti....Sunday

(This is all copied from my journal that I wrote in while in Haiti so it may not even make sense sometimes and some things may be totally random but it's my trip in my words and thoughts!)

Thursday and Friday


Sunday- We didn't go to church today as NBC came and did a follow up story on Mike and Missy and their amazing journey to complete their family. They were filming at the Creche and asked Marc and I if they could interview us about our adoption process. It was really neat and we answered a ton of questions. IF the story gets ran then I hope it will bring a lot of people to adopt and bring more people to go with BGM on mission teams.
The work that they do is nothing less than amazing....they are a gift from God for the people of Haiti.

After the interview Dr. B gave us permission to take V with us so we all loaded up and went on a scenic tour of some beautiful parts of Haiti. We saw some of the most beautiful places.....it was amazing! Brent described Haiti as a beautiful women that has been raped over and over. Sounds very harsh but that is exactly how Haiti is. With huge tears in his eyes he told me he prays everyday for God to take back this country! (I love how Brent has been here numerous times but never gets immune to the devestion and needs of these people)
I was so excited to have V with us the whole day....for the first time ever he has a mom and dad ALL to himself and you can bet we catered to his every whim! He was perfect though. The bumpiness of the ride put him to sleep most of the time in the car.
Brent took us to the most beautiful and yummy restaurant called the La Reserve. It reminded me of somewhere you would eat in Cozumel or some exotic place. Another time that you forget what is happening down the street! Sad.
Our meal was so GOOD! Even though most things I have eaten at the guest house are good this was a nice change. That is when we discovered that V can eat with a fork....and very well! Emily has some work to do when I get home! :)

It is such a different way of life here in almost every way except for maybe everyone has cell phones. The cars are so old and rugged....honestly, I didn't see one car here that I wouldn't be embarrassed to drive here in the states. (I am actually embarrassed to say that!) It's true though....I can't think of anyone that would want to. We seem to always think we need the latest model or we always need one step up. I am ashamed to admit how disappointed I was when Marc didn't buy me an Escalade that I REALLY WANTED! (wanted...not needed)
V didn't ride in a seat and he hung onto us for dear life as it was a bumpy ride!

We have ridden in the car a lot today so I continue to smile at anyone I make eye contact with and today is the same....some smiles some not. Survival faces everywhere!
We went up as high as the van would make it on the mountain and we to a kind of look out point of all of Port A Prince....amazing view that was beyond gorgeous. I really felt God's presence there....really wished to have my other kids there with us and them moment would have been perfect.

Tonight was tough to get V to sleep. I think it's his stomach....his Daddy thinks it's called already being spoiled rotten! :) He deserves it! I love holding this baby as he is such a cuddle bug....he lays his head on my should and wraps his arms and legs around me so tight! He fell sound to sleep and slept until 6:30 the next morning.
I am dreading Monday morning as we are going to have to leave his for a few hours to go into town with Dr. B.

(After V fell asleep we went downstairs and laughed for hours with Brent, Mike and Missy! I have only know these three for about three days but I already love them like they are family. They may have to move to Houston!)

This guy became a fast friend of ours too....God has laid him on Marc's heart in a huge way! V liked him to and that really makes me happy! Peno has a beautiful girlfriend and two precious little girls and will be getting married in December! We will be spending some of Christmas break at his wedding! God has good things in store for he and his family.

A few things about Vensly....he acts like he has been with us forever! I think he knows we are mommy and daddy and love him more than anything in the world! I so wish he could come home with us. Dreading Tuesday.... :(
Come back for more tomorrow......God Bless!

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shellandjim said...

Wonderfully written, and such a different experience that I had. I am working on getting my thoughts into words and posting them about my time with Lovely Roseline, still so emotional to write it even now! We need our babies home!