Jan 14, 2011

My Trip to Haiti.....Saturday

Marc left EARLY this morning with Brent, Mike, Missy and Jenny! I am not sure what they are doing but I know that got to ride motorcycles and Jenny was hurt pretty bad riding in a tap tap by getting hit by a basketball goal. Luckily, she will be fine!

This morning V woke up shy again but it wasn't long that he came around and remembered that this lady will do whatever I want and give me whatever I want! He played for a short time and I got him bathed and dressed and then....the stomach pain HIT!!! It is terrible the way he flops around, stiffens up and today a screaming CRY! Finally, after about two hours of this on and off it got really bad so I got Mrs. Bernard to go to the creche with me to get him some medicine. She translated and the "nurse" gave him some medicine and the bottle said ADVIL....I had just given him Tylenol and she knew that!

He never lets go of his cars though.....whether he's hurting or playing he always has them in his hand!

I also went into the creche to take more pictures of the babies and children and I am going to be totally honest....I can't stand the smell in there. It makes me want to throw up and makes me so terribly sad! I can't stand to see the babies in their cages....I mean cribs! It tears my heart out! I went to take a picture of my friends little girl and she was just laying in her crib when I got there and when they got her out it startled her and she looked so pitiful. When I was done they opened her crib and motioned for her to get back in....she just threw herself back in but didn't want to! She reminded me of my Emily right then. Her and Emily are about the same size and seem to have the same attitude but sweet spirits! If I didn't know she already had amazing parents waiting for her I would have started her process at that moment....that is the connection I feel with her! Maybe it's because of her mother and maybe it's because she and V are the shy ones of the group!
I do a lot of people watching while here and today it was a lady ironing. Unbelievable! I didn't even know it was still done like that today....I know it's not where we live. It was brown, rusty, big and bulky without a cord. I later found out it was heated with coals. When she finished ironing all those uniforms they looked like they just came from the cleaners. Did you know that I take Marc's clothes to the cleaners about every two weeks and it's at least $100 when I pick it up. Just because I don't want to iron it all with my nice, electric iron! Wow...

(V can walk....we weren't real sure if he could but we went to play a little b-ball and he took off walking....I wanted to cry again!)
While Marc is out V and I do a lot of walking, playing, singing, eating cheerios and cookies, and I people watch out my window and balcony or just walking the grounds. We sleep with the windows open and I am getting used to the roosters crowing, the gate opener talking on his cell very loud, the sweet little deaf girl making sounds of running and laughing, and lots of dogs barking. Just the sounds that make me think of Haiti. I love it!

I have always known we are blessed and I do thank God for all we have but suddenly I feel very guilty for what we have and I feel ashamed that we don't give more. There are so many things we could do without that could help these people.

2:15pm and after our third fit with what I am assuming is his stomach aching he is finally sleeping! I just had another really good cry!

3:45- I just woke up and he is still sleeping soundly so I am going to read my Bible. 1st and 2nd Peter! Amazing that God speaks so clearly to what you are going through or what He wants you to do with His word! He is good all the time...even in Haiti where it seems like it's been forgotten.
4:45- My precious baby is awake! Time to wait for Daddy to get home and get ready for dinner. I love dinner time and hearing about their day, laughing at Brent's stories, hearing about Mike and Missy's family and just talking with Dr. B. I have laughed till I cried on this trip! Most people think Dr. B is so serious but he's a funny man that love the Lord and loves us!

I love the time Marc and I spend together after V falls asleep...we lay in my bed and read every one's sweet comments on facebook. People praying for us and for V and for Haiti! It's amazing! I hope our story will inspire others to pursue adoption....

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Christy said...

Is there anything we can do to get him home sooner? I'm praying...anything else?