Jan 15, 2011

My Trip to Haiti.....Monday

We had to leave V today as we were going to be spending the day with Dr. Bernard. Oh, I did not want to leave him even for a minute much less a few hours. Dr. B knew I was struggling with not wanting to take him to the Creche so he asked me if I would rather Mrs.B take him and I said yes! He said, "If you trust her with your son?" LOL!! (Those who know him can just hear his funny loud voice with his Haitian accent!) I love that man! (the picture above cracks me up because the look on V's face is telling us "I can not believe you aren't taking me with you today")
As much as I didn't want to go I knew I had to and little did I know God has us in that car that day for a reason. HE had planned our day! There was an American business man with us named Craig, who happened to be an engineer, which was right up Marc's alley! Since we only had one driver that had to drive us all around we were all stuck with each other for the day!

The above picture is New Life Link, which is Dr. B's office. We spent about two hours there doing some adoption stuff and Dr.B and Craig had a meeting. The rest of the day was spent riding in the car it seemed. That gave me a lot of thinking time and reflecting on what I have and what I take for granted. I told Marc that I just couldn't shake the feeling of wanting to cry. A lot of it was wanting to get back to my baby boy since I knew that tomorrow I would leave him for a while!

I can't really put into words what today was for Marc but it was definitely a God's perfect timing with the right people kind of day! :) BIG things could happen from this chance meeting for the people of Haiti! I am excited and praise God for what He is going to do.

Marc also helped Dr. B figure out his cell phone.....that was funny! This man has a doctorate and I don't even know how many master's degrees and yet he couldn't figure out how to turn it on vibrate! He even laughed about it. Marc actually struggled with it for a while before he figured it out.

We were on our way to pick up Missy's birthday cake and as we are going through traffic we were completely stopped and I looked over out the window and I could not believe my eyes....a man was laying under a taptap (a huge dump truck type truck) and he was in a puddle of blood. He obviously had been run over by it but I prayed and begged God to please let him just be hurt and not dead. It was terrible and a picture I won't soon get out of my head! I still pray for him when I think about it.

Finally, we make it to the guest house! Marc and I sprinted to the creche to pick up Vensly! Marc made it in first and I was right behind him. V was across the room and spotted us and hurried over to us...it looked like he was going straight to Marc but then he went right around him and put his arms up for me! If he hadn't already stolen my heart before he would have that moment! Sweetheart!

We took him back, had dinner and then played before bedtime! He was a little fussy tonight as he is a little rotten now! :) (I love it! I would have rocked him all night if I needed to!) I laughed and cried knowing this was my last night to put him to bed for a while. He was oblivious......we were about the exit his life for a while! My heart physically hurts!

I pray tonight for the Lord to give Marc and I peace in knowing that V is going to be taken care of but most of all I pray that the Lord gives Vensly a peace in knowing that we love him and will be back as soon as we can! Thank you Lord for this time we have had with our precious baby boy.....

Until tomorrow.....good night!

(check back tomorrow as i will try to put into words the day we left our son after spending an amazing week with him. I didn't journal that day but will do my best to describe it. Makes me cry just thinking about it.....)

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Jackie said...

Awww Lesley!! What an amazing experience you are able to share with all of us! I am so glad you got to go spend time with V and love on him!! You and Marc are such amazing people and I know Vensley is so blessed to have ya'll, but I also know ya'll well enough that V will be a huge blessing to ya'll as well! I pray for a fast homecoming for him and look forward to the day I can hug on him as well. Thank you also for the reminders of what is important in this life!!