Jan 4, 2011

Happy 17 Month Birthday Emily Grace!

(Posting this early as I won't be able to blog for the next week....more on that later....it's a surprise!)

Emily Grace,
You are such a mess...one minute you are sweet as pie and the next you will knock the daylights out of us! You can hit like a boy! You do give the best sugars and hugs though. Your favorite word right now is GIMME!!! You just started saying it one day when we were are Micheal's looking around and it has stuck! GIMME GIMME!
You are saying more and more words all the time and try to copy what we tell you to say. You still love your brothers but you also give them a run for their money too!
I am so blessed to be with you everyday and not miss a thing....for that I thank God!
I love you so much!
This is my precious baby girl last January! What a baby she was and what a little girl she is becoming now! I can't believe how fast time flies!

This is my sweet girl now with her baby doll she picked out herself for Christmas. I love that my baby doesn't see color even now at 1 year of age! I can't wait till she meets her fourth big brother!
Her gown she has on is just like one that I wore at her age on Christmas!

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Christy said...

Aww! She's adorable! I love her baby. And I love your family. I was just talking about how wonderful y'all are the other day.