Dec 12, 2010


If things would have gone as we planned then we would now be on our way back to Houston from Haiti. We would have had to say good-bye to our precious son and come home to our "normal" life! That, I can only imagine, would have been heart-breaking and probably one of the hardest things we have ever done. So, it's wierd, because while in a way I am glad we didn't have to do that tonight but am also still so sad we didn't get to go! I know I should just "get over it" and "go on" but it's so hard as one minute I am fine and the next I will stop what I am doing and think "Oh I should be feeding him right now" or thinking " I wonder if he would have loved that book I bought him?"
How can I miss someone SO BAD that I have never even met?? I know how! Somehow I have met him....somehow God let him grow in my heart without me knowing until his Daddy met him in Haiti that day in July when he was having his well baby check up! It was the day that he looked at his Daddy with those beautiful brown eyes and without saying anything told him "I am the one that God chose to be your son!" I have loved this boy from the first picture Marc sent me back in July!
Our bags are still packed and I am still holding on to hope that we will be there soon to hold and love on our precious baby boy!

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Sara said...

Oh Lesley, how I wish that you could all be together. I love that little boy also!! You are in our prayers daily. Love Ya!!