Dec 29, 2010

Review of 2010- Part One.....

We started out the year with a really special day! We dedicated our sweet baby girl to the Lord on January 3rd. It was a great morning and she looked like the angel she is. I can't believe as I look back at the pictures how tiny she was and what a "little girl" she is now! I pray for God's protection over her all the days of her life!

I set some goals and resolutions last January and did good and bad! I didn't learn to ride my motorcycle like I wanted to so maybe that will actually happen this year. I have lost about 17lbs but still need to loose about 25 more...the older I get the harder it is! Ugh....
I have cooked more this year than I ever have in my whole married life! THAT is a great thing! I hope to soon get back to posting my weekly menu as it seems to keep me on track cooking and not eating out.
I said I wanted to pray more and read my Bible more and I think I did that....I pray every single day but I don't read my Bible everyday but this year I want to TRY to do that!
I did some sewing with my aunt but didn't learn to sew completely on my own!

This was our attic space above our garage that is now being turned into the "Man Cave"....Marc and his friend Tom started finishing it out at the end of January and has done most of the work his self. I picked the colors, which I am still not sure of, but once he gets all the dead animals, I mean mounts, on the wall it should be fine! The first day of construction Marc fell through the ceiling into our bathroom! It was scary and hilarious at the same time...thank God he wasn't hurt but the ceiling sure was!

It's almost completely finished and I must say he did an excellent job and I can't wait to get everything in it!!

Our good friends Christy and Kelvin lost their little girl to a horrible disease called Battens. I can't even imagine the pain they still feel to this day! Emma was a precious baby girl who was loved by SO many people all over the country! Here she is wearing a princess crown and I know that she is wearing a beautiful princess crown today as she runs and plays with our Lord! Learn about Emma's Hugs by clicking on the button to the right on my blog that says "I Am Especially Fond of You".

This year Taylor turned 14 and he entered HIGH SCHOOL! I can not believe it still that he is in the 9th grade and now half way done with that!

Jesse turned 5 and entered Kindergarten....where did my baby boy go? Time is moving way to fast!

Marc gave me a surprise party at a fancy restaurant and the guest list was perfect and I got some really great gifts but nothing compares to the fun we had that night!
That was in May.....

June...not a lot happened except for Marc and Taylor prepared for a trip to Haiti that they didn't know would forever change their lives....and MINE!

Stay tuned for part 2....

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Rebecca said...

What a beautiful family! Best Wishes for 2011!