Nov 9, 2010 baby girl was 15 months!

Dear Emily....When did you suddenly become this little girl that barely resembles a baby? You are so precious and I love watching you grow and learn new things each day. You LOVE Barney and Wiggles and can dance and sing (try) to all the songs. It is so funny to watch you! You are known right now for your can slap someone silly and seem to be getting in trouble for it a lot lately!! You love to go outside and it's almost impossible for us to get you to come back in without you throwing a horrible fit! That is another thing you have started...throwing fits....except you learned that if you throw yourself down hard it hurts so you ease down and then go at it!!!! You are trying to say all kinds of try to repeat your brothers, which isn't always good. You give big open mouthed sugars that I just love!!! You are a great hugger and snuggler...sometimes!! Our lives were not complete before you....I will say it were the best surprise that God has ever given us!!! (you and Jesse!!!)

This was you this time last year! Look how tiny you were??? Sweet, chubby, baby girl!!!

This was my dress when I was little. My mom thinks I was about two when I wore it and if so then I was smaller then Emily! She filled out the entire dress and it's a little short on her. I am so happy that I finally have a little girl that I can pass my things on to!! Isn't she the cutest thing ever????

This is the look she gives right before you are the recipient of one of her slaps!!

Her hair looks a little red here but it isn''s still a beautiful brown color! I think she looks like her mamaw Estes in these pictures!

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Jackie said...

Time is flying!! It seems I was just giving you a hard time about the 8/9 month updates. She is a such a doll!! I love her facial expressions in these pics.