Nov 28, 2010

Thanksgiving at the Estes home!!!

This Thanksgiving I decided to host it at my house and I was so happy that my brother and sister in law got to come with my nephew. My mother and father in law, mom and step dad, step brother and nephew also came. It was great to all be together! I also said the blessing for the first time ever. (out loud in front of people!) We had way to much food and all have so much to be thankful for! I can't wait for next year to have a another little mouth to feed.
The next day we did a little shopping and then that night we all started getting sick with a stomach bug....everyone except Jesse and Noah have been sick! Ugh.....
I still wouldn't have traded this Thanksgiving for anything in the world!

It was this little guys first Thanksgiving! Charles Eli Bridges!

This is me explaining to Emily that Eli is a baby and that it hurst him to pinch his toes or poke his eyes! She wasn't really understanding that...really all she wanted was for him to go home!! LOL!!!
Actually, she warmed up to him later and kind of liked him!

This year I made a lot of the food....I made the dressing, broccoli casserole, green bean casserole, and the sweet potato casserole. It turned out pretty good...I think!

Me and my beautiful sister in law with our precious babies....they are almost exactly a year apart!

I was so happy Eli, my new nephew, got to spend his first Thanksgiving with us! He is so dang precious!

Do they ever grow up and not want momma to rub their backs??? This picture cracks me up!!

Nov 21, 2010

Show Us Your Life....Laundry Room

Join me for Kelly's Korner blog and her Show Us Your is my laundry room that rarely looks this clean if EVER!! These pictures were taken a while ago.....maybe I should get it back in shape tomorrow!!! Enjoy!!!

Nov 17, 2010

We are going to Haiti.......

This is where my little guy is waiting for us....and this is where we are going in a few weeks!

I am so excited! Yesterday was such a hard day as I got new pictures of Vensly that made me so sad for him and then Jesse had a bad day at school and the teacher needs to talk to us! Ugh..... (Not related!) It was just one of those days that you want to go to bed and cry all day or just sleep it away! Last night it started getting better as I tracked our dossier and it's all done at the consulate and on it's way back to us. Easy and FAST!!! Then Marc came home and told me that Brent from BGMasked him to go to Haiti with he and his staff for a quick trip and that there MAY be room for me but he wasn't sure.....well this morning hubby called me and said we are all booked and set to go on December 8th. I will stay at the Bethel house the whole time with Vensly while Marc will have to go with the team some but that is fine with me!! I am so excited! I know it will be amazing and heart breaking at the same time but he is so worth it. For three whole days my boy will have a mommy and daddy to dote on him and give him undivided attention. I pray that he takes to us and loves us as much as we love him. I really didn't know how we were going to get to go this soon but He knew the right time and worked it out.....thank you God!!!!

Can't wait to teach him how to play peek-a-boo again.....

Nov 16, 2010

So hard.....

I have done two adoptions and it's so true what they say....that you forget the pain and agony of waiting after you hold them in your arms! I had forgotten that pain....until this morning....when I saw these!

I just want to hop on the first plane to Haiti and go hold him, bathe him, rock him, sing to him, hug and kiss on him, and tell him that I love him SO MUCH! I want to wipe that runny nose and give him Tylenol to ease the pain of his teeth that are coming in. I want him to run and play with his sister and watch his big brothers! I want so bad for that face to be smiling....but how could he when he's in that place day in and day out without a mommy and daddy that take care of him. I really don't know how I am going to do this journey.....please pray for Vensly and for us!

Nov 10, 2010

Missing this little guy.......

I pray for Vensly every single day but lately I really have longed to hug him and tell him how much we love him! I actually bought him an outfit this weekend and can't wait to put it on him while we are there. It will be so bitter sweet! My friend Shelly is going this weekend to see her little girl and she is going to hug him and tell him we love him for us but boy do I wish it was me!! I am excited to get some new pictures of him though....if he will cooperate for her. He doesn't like to have his picture taken. Poor thing...doesn't he know his momma takes a billion pictures of her kids...he is going to HAVE to get over that! LOL!!!

Our dossier is at the consulate right now and we should have it back at anytime then it's ready to go to Haiti. We were hoping to hand deliver it but with all the holidays coming up we may not be able to go until January! I so wish this process didn't take so long....I want him home now!

Nov 9, 2010 baby girl was 15 months!

Dear Emily....When did you suddenly become this little girl that barely resembles a baby? You are so precious and I love watching you grow and learn new things each day. You LOVE Barney and Wiggles and can dance and sing (try) to all the songs. It is so funny to watch you! You are known right now for your can slap someone silly and seem to be getting in trouble for it a lot lately!! You love to go outside and it's almost impossible for us to get you to come back in without you throwing a horrible fit! That is another thing you have started...throwing fits....except you learned that if you throw yourself down hard it hurts so you ease down and then go at it!!!! You are trying to say all kinds of try to repeat your brothers, which isn't always good. You give big open mouthed sugars that I just love!!! You are a great hugger and snuggler...sometimes!! Our lives were not complete before you....I will say it were the best surprise that God has ever given us!!! (you and Jesse!!!)

This was you this time last year! Look how tiny you were??? Sweet, chubby, baby girl!!!

This was my dress when I was little. My mom thinks I was about two when I wore it and if so then I was smaller then Emily! She filled out the entire dress and it's a little short on her. I am so happy that I finally have a little girl that I can pass my things on to!! Isn't she the cutest thing ever????

This is the look she gives right before you are the recipient of one of her slaps!!

Her hair looks a little red here but it isn''s still a beautiful brown color! I think she looks like her mamaw Estes in these pictures!

Nov 4, 2010

8 years ago today......

We became a family of four as we welcomed home a precious baby boy from Seoul, Korea! We had waited and prayed over him for 18 months before that day! What a great morning that was at LAX airport where they handed me "smiley" as they called him. He loved us from the very start and we loved him even more! Happy 8th Gotcha Day Sweet Noah!

This is the very first picture we got of Noah....known in Korea as Tae Min! Love at first site!!!!

This is Taylor holding him for the very first time!

Noah with his mommy and daddy for the first time!

It's official....he's all ours!!!!